Indian Weight Loss Blog and Indian Weight Loss Coach proudly launches a special walk program for all those who want to take those 10,000 steps which are considered essential for an active life and to lose weight.

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Are you upset that you are not able to walk as much as you should be walking?

Have you joined a weight loss program and your mentor is telling you to increase steps?

Are you the one who is finding new excuses on a daily basis to ‘not’ walk as much as you should?

Are you thinking about how to make a walk plan so that you can walk more than 10000 to 20000 steps on a daily basis?

Well, here is a walk plan for you all to help you start and progress with your step count.

In the next 30 days, you can better your health by walking. Yes you heard it right, walking, just walking.

You might be a couch potato, a slow walker or someone struggling to do HIIT, this plan is going to help everyone. It is a walk plan which can help you increase your steps and burn more daily, remember when it’s about your health, each step counts.

Starting Point


Let’s presume you are not an active person and on a normal day you walk only 2000 steps a day before you begin the routine. Now every single day, you’re going to add from 250 to 500 steps as per the plan.

By the end of the fourth week, that is the 28th day, you will be walking 10,000 steps which is roughly 5 miles. If you don’t reach 10,000 steps at the end of the 28th day, it’s perfectly fine as we have given two days extra and made it a 30 days plan. So, Just keep moving and hit the 10,000 steps target in 30 days.


If you feel that you lack time, the weather is bad or with your job you cannot do it, then I am sorry, but you are making excuses. Where there is a will there is a way.   Here are some ideas to squeeze in your steps:

  • Walk inside your office building during washroom break or lunch and tea/coffee break
  • Use a treadmill to complete steps.
  • On weekends, go to the mall or market and walk around with your pedometer/mobile App/fitness band.
  • Working in kitchen, boiling milk, taking a shower…. do spot walking.
  • If you are a home maker and can’t miss your daily soaps, don’t sit watching those shows… do spot walking. Aim is to keep adding to your target step count for the day.

Remember nothing is impossible, if you can think of it, you can do it.

Now come on get up and get going…. Start your


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Hope you are all excited about the IWLC WALK 30 PROGRAM ™ ‘2K-10K’ FOR BEGINNERS!

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