HIIT for Beginners Week 3: Kickboxing Intervals


Today’s session features a kickboxing-inspired interval training session that can easily be done in a small space at home. In the workout video below, we’ll perform a few rounds of intervals that alternate between periods of higher intensity with active rest, and we’ll review proper punching form and technique as we go — no previous kickboxing experience is required. I’ll show you both high- and low-impact options so you can make the moves work for you. Listen to your body throughout the sessions, and modify or skip any moves that are too much for your current fitness level. (I’ll also provide options throughout the routines to help you make it work for you.)


This workout can be logged as “Calisthenics” in your MyFitnessPal app.

Tell us when you’ve completed this week’s workout. Share it in the comments below, or tag us in your check-ins @MyFitnessPal so we can cheer you on!

Here is your Week 3 Workout Schedule:

Day 1: HIIT for Beginners: Kickboxing Intervals

Day 2: Total-Body Strength Training (try this 30-minute session)

Day 3: Active Rest Day

Day 4:  Moderate-Intensity Cardio (walking, cycling or try this steady-state session)

Day 5: HIIT for Beginners: Body-Weight Strength Circuit

Day 6: Stretching or Flexibility Work (try this 8-minute total-body stretch)

Day 7: Active Rest Day

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