Is Similarity Essential In Relationships?

Is Similarity Essential In Relationships? Find out!

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Let us rewind our lives a bit! Allow your mind to go back to the first day of college. How was the feeling? Were you comfortable that day? What made you feel at ease? The most probable answer would be that you found someone almost like you and bonded well with him or her and after that your world changed completely. You started enjoying college and were able to create sweet memories. Still remember all the fun that you had with your best buddies? This is what the company of similar people does to us!

Is Similarity Essential In Relationships?

sharing earphones affects health

Similarity – an important factor in relationships

We all have the tendency to move towards the alike in the majority of our relations. There is a popular notion that opposites attract, but if you look back at life, you will realize that it is not very true.

The truth is that we all are attracted towards those who are either similar to us of are like our desired self. You may wonder why it is so.

This can be because of the 3 ways you experience yourself. In any human one kind of experiencing may be dominant.

Habitual type – Habits might control us

You could be under the control of your habits whereby you are comfortable as long as your habits are your master, no matter how effective it is. To the society you may appear rigid because you avoid changes. If you are of this type, you can be labeled as the ‘habitual type’.

Wannabe type – Wish to change

You can also be a kind of person who wishes to change in spite of limited exposure, opportunities and situations. You keep working hard to get better in some way or the other and hence are labeled as the wannabe type.

Rockstar type – Totally comfortable

If you are of the rockstar type, you could possibly be completely comfortable in your shoes. This makes you casual and totally comfortable.

Now, if you are the habitual type, you will be compelled to find someone similar to you. If you are the wannabe type, you will crave for someone who is like you but in a way better. And if you happen to be the rockstar type, you can share space with anyone but enjoy the company of someone similar. In all cases, the major factor is similarity.

Many relations of our life are not chosen by us. Rather they choose us. These can include parents, brother and sisters, relatives, children, teachers and colleagues. And if you have had an arranged marriage even your spouse would not be chosen by you. When you cannot choose these essential relations by yourself, how can you make them fulfilling and remain happy? Is there a way out?

Husband and wife-Things You Didn’t Know About Weight Loss

For the answer to the above question keep watching this space!

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How to Store Summer Fruits and Vegetables

So, you’ve succumbed to the bounty of summer, filled your arms, baskets, countertops and refrigerator with the colors of the rainbow — all the fruits, vegetables and herbs that are filling the market right now. And it tastes so good, doesn’t it? The hardest part about this cornucopia of deliciousness is keeping it all fresh and tasting its best.

Here’s our quick guide to keeping those fresh nibbles at their peak until you’re ready to prepare. For example, did you know that storing fruits and vegetables together is the quickest (and most common) way to prematurely ripen (and ruin) your foods? Fruits give off a high level of ethylene (a ripening agent) that can prematurely ripen (and spoil) nearby vegetables.

In a nutshell, the “one bad apple” adage rings true. Instead, treat each fruit and vegetable with specific care.



Before storing fresh veggies, remove all ties and rubber bands and trim leafy ends, but leave an inch to keep the veggies from drying out. If you’re storing veggies in a bag, make sure there’s a hole to allow airflow, then pack the veggies loosely in the refrigerator to prevent premature rotting (they still need room to breathe in there). The more space they have, the longer they’ll stay fresh. Pro tip: Leafy greens can be washed before storing by soaking them in a sink full of water, while soft herbs and mushrooms should not be washed until right before they are used.


Stone fruits, avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, melons, apples and pears continue to ripen if left sitting on a countertop, so only leave them out if you don’t mind them getting a bit more ripe. (Store them in the fridge when you’re ready to slow that process.) Fruits like bell peppers (yes, fruits!), grapes, citrus, berries and cherries start to deteriorate if they aren’t refrigerated. Bananas, in particular, ripen very quickly, and also speed the ripening of any nearby fruits.



Berries are tremendously delicate once picked … and expensive. (Making them all the more disappointing when they spoil prematurely.) Wash your berries in a diluted vinegar bath (1 cup vinegar plus 3 cups water) and gently spin them dry in a salad spinner lined with paper towels until they are completely dry. The vinegar helps to destroy mold spores and bacteria on the berries that threaten ripeness. Store the cleaned berries in a sealable container lined with paper towels, leaving the lid open a little to allow moisture to escape.



Cold storage is key to keeping cherries fresh. Cherries lose more quality in one hour at room temperature than a day in the refrigerator. So get those cherries in the fridge as soon as possible, preferably wrapped in a plastic bag. Avoid washing them until just before eating and always use cold water.


Even though chilled cucumbers are the epitome of refreshing, they should be stored at room temperature — not in the refrigerator. Cucumbers are sensitive to temperatures below 50°F so cucumbers thrive and last longer at room temperature. If you store them in the fridge (below 50 degrees,) they’re prone to developing “chilling injuries,” including water-soaked areas, pitting and accelerated decay.  If you keep your cukes on the countertop, know that they’re highly susceptible to ethylene — the ripening agent in most fruits — so keep them separate. And, if you insist on chilling your cukes, keep them toward the front of the fridge in the middle where it’s warmer, and eat within three days.


The best way to store fresh, leafy greens is to wash them, shake off the excess water in a salad spinner, then spread the greens on paper or cloth towels to dry. With the greens still on the towels, roll the towels and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat; unroll the towels just enough to retrieve your greens then roll them up again! The absorbent towels do a great job of keeping the greens moist, but not wet, and protect the greens from the sometimes harsh conditions in the fridge.


The best way to store fresh herbs is to keep them like you would flowers — in a vase of water. Trim the stems every few days to keep the herbs fresh, and use at will.


Surprisingly enough, onions ripen quickly in the fridge and give off a high amount of ethylene … so we suggest storing them well away from all other fruits and vegetables on the countertop. This not only keeps your onions ripe, but keeps everything else in the fridge ripe longer, too.


Carrots, radishes and beets and other root vegetables are hearty in your recipes, but are actually relatively delicate and tend to wilt and get limp once picked and refrigerated. For snappy carrots, beets and radishes, trim, then store them in a bowl of cold water, covered in the fridge.


Plums, peaches, apricots and nectarines continue to ripen when stored at room temperature on the countertop. We suggest keeping them on the countertop until just before peak texture and taste, then refrigerate and eat as soon as possible. (That is, if your fresh summer peaches make it more than a day at home.)



You can theoretically store corn for several days refrigerated in the husk, but they will gradually lose their sweetness and begin to taste starchy even when cooked. Corn connoisseurs will tell you sweet corn should be eaten the day it’s picked, preferably within hours, while the corn is at its sugary peak. With any corn you can’t eat right away, it’s best to slice off the kernels and freeze them for using in soups or salads.


In his book, “On Food and Cooking,” Harold McGee explains that refrigerating tomatoes damages the membranes inside the fruit walls, causing the tomato to lose flavor and develop the mealy texture we associate with mid-January grocery store tomatoes. The best way to store tomatoes is on the countertop at room temperature. They actually continue to develop flavor until maturation peaks a few days after picking.

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Feeling Better About Your Body Could be a Workout Away

Not loving the way you feel in your favorite jeans? You’re not alone. A 2016 survey calls low confidence and appearance anxiety a “critical issue” and reports that 85% of women have opted out of important life activities such as joining a team or spending time with loved ones when they didn’t feel good about how they looked.

Hitting the gym could help. New research shows a single sweat session could buff up your body image.

A 2017 study published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that women who engaged in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for 30 minutes felt stronger and had better body image than those who were sedentary for the same period of time.

“We think that the feelings of strength and empowerment women achieve post exercise stimulate an improved internal dialogue. This in turn should generate positive thoughts and feelings about their bodies which may replace the all too common negative ones,” lead author Kathleen Martin Ginis, PhD, professor at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan School of Health and Exercise Sciences said in a statement.

Heather Hausenblas, PhD, associate dean for the School of Applied Health Sciences at Jacksonville University in Florida, believes body image could be a powerful motivator for exercise. “Perception is very powerful,” she says. “Exercise results in improvements in mood and self-esteem, which are related to body image.”

But Hausenblas notes that the effects of exercise on body image are transient. In the Psychology of Sport and Exercise study, the body image boost lasted for 20 minutes after a workout. A separate study found that active women who took a 72-hour break from exercise had higher levels of body dissatisfaction than those who maintained their workout routines. In other words, maximizing those feel-good vibes requires engaging in regular exercise — but that doesn’t necessarily mean working out to achieve weight loss or developing a chiseled chest or six-pack abs.


In 2009, Hausenblas co-authored a study in the Journal of Health Psychology that found exercisers did not need to hit workout milestones like losing fat, gaining strength or even boosting cardiovascular fitness to feel good about their bodies. In fact, she believes, “Messages promoting exercise need to de-emphasize weight loss and appearance. The key to long-term exercise is finding deeper motivation than washboard abs. We need to set healthy and realistic exercise goals and stop focusing on what we think is wrong with our bodies [and] focus on becoming fit and healthy for life.”


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Post Lunch Dip – What Is It?

What Is Post Lunch Dip?

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Tell me honestly, do you feel like working at your desk after downing 2 aloo paranthas for lunch? All you would think is how great things would be if you could curl up in your own bed. Does this happen to you often? Do you feel guilty about it? Are your colleagues making you the laughing stock of office? Too many questions 😛

The good news is that it happens to almost everyone and the actual question is why does it happen? Is it due to over-eating or the types of foods we choose or due to something else?

sleepy at work - Best Ways To Stay Awake During The Day

What is the post lunch dip?

According to most nutritionists and dieticians, it is quite normal to feel sluggish after lunch. This phenomenon is so commonplace that there exists a term for it called ‘post lunch dip’.

There exist a lot of factors that contribute to this slump. The most common of them all is the process of digestion itself. When the process of digestion is on, numerous chemical changes take place in the body and that causes a huge portion of energy to get diverted to help with digestion.

Since your digestive system works overtime to break down food consumed and many metabolic processes kick in, the other brain and bodily function turn slower. This slowing down can give an individual a lethargic feeling.

Feel good hormones also matter

Another reason why you feel like a slug post-lunch is the spike in insulin production. The insulin production is more when you consume fatty and sugary foods. The levels of hormones such as serotonin and melatonin get elevated as a result. The feel good hormones are said to have a calming effect on the brain and also play a vital role in regulation of sleep.

Studies also prove that some foods may increase your drowsiness and make you want to fall asleep. For example, foods rich in carbs and proteins trigger the release of hormones that make you sleepy.

bath meal food

Sleeping patterns matter

Another reason for your post-lunch slump that can be quite surprising is your sleeping pattern. It is actually very natural for you to feel like going to sleep 7 hours after you have woken up. It is said that the internal rhythmic cycles of the body enter the resting phase at this time i.e. lunch time. Being coupled with other physiological processes, it marks the beginning of your craving to sleep.

What is advised?

If you don’t want to get into your boss’s bad books and improve your productivity at work, it would be wise enough to stop over-eating and avoid foods with too much of sugar or fats. It would be wise enough to have something comparatively lighter for lunch and definitely skip the rasmalai. You can have them when you are off during weekends so that nobody will stop you from napping.

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