Want to Be Healthier? Consider Team Sports

Solo activities might torch calories but research shows you could miss out on big benefits if you always choose to work out alone over joining team sports like volleyball or basketball.

When it comes to workouts, consider joining that corporate softball league or spending weekends on the gridiron. Team sports offer certain advantages over individual fitness activities, according to Rochelle Eime, PhD, an associate professor with the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living at Victoria University in Australia.

“The social nature of participation in team sports contributes to better mental health,” Eime explains. “This includes social connectedness, social support, peer bonding and self-esteem … For adults, social reasons are a main motivator to play sports.”


Team sports also offer significant health benefits: Research published in BMC Public Health found that participating in team sports increased overall physical activity levels. Moreover, a poll conducted by Harvard University found that adults who played sports reported improved physical health, lower levels of stress and positive mental health.

“When adults play sports, it’s about competition, personal satisfaction and health. More than one in five adults who play sports do so for health-related reasons, and it’s a priority in their lives,” Robert J. Blendon, the Richard L. Menschel Professor of Health Policy and Political Analysis at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said in a statement.


Despite the benefits, adult participation in team sports is low. The Harvard researchers found just 25% of adults played sports — and participation declined with age, plummeting from 41% of 22–25 year olds to 26% of those aged 26–49 and just 20% of adults older than 50.

The poll also found gender differences in sports participation. Men were more than twice as likely to play team sports as women. Men preferred team sports like basketball and football whereas women were more apt to sign up for baseball or volleyball.

Eime, who has conducted several studies on team sports participation, notes, “In a study of adult females, participation in team sports was associated with better mental health and life satisfaction than for those women who participated in individual activities likes walking.”

Although it can be more difficult to find organized sports leagues for adults, the YMCA, local sport and social clubs and parks and recreation departments often offer options. Your workplace might also sponsor a team — if there isn’t one now, ask about starting a corporate league. Consider non-traditional teams, too: Team environments can be found in individual sports such as swimming and track and field. Even group exercise classes are designed to foster a “let’s do this together” approach to fitness.

Kristen Dieffenbach, PhD, executive board member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, notes that there is more to benefiting from team sports than signing up for a league and taking your place on the field or court. “The big important point here is that it’s not team sports that impart the benefit,” she says. “It’s a quality team sport experience that provides an opportunity for positive benefits.”


A team that is too competitive or focuses on performance — and pushes team members past their fitness levels, potentially causing injuries — could have the opposite effect. Dieffenbach suggests looking for leagues that are a good fit with your interest and skill or fitness level.

“Everyone likes to feel competent and feel like they fit in and their contributions matter,” she says. “A healthy team environment — one that has a positive leader and considers and supports participant development and well-being — can provide a level of challenge for motivation and fitness gains.”

If Little League was your last experience with team sports, look for opportunities to get together with others — a casual touch football league or kickball games in the park definitely count — and discover the benefits of breaking a sweat with a group.


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10 Healthy Swaps to Save You 200 Calories [Infographic]

Shaving 200  calories might not seem like a whole lot, but cutting this seemingly small amount from your daily intake can lead to gradual, but noticeable changes. In fact, it can help you lose 1 1/2–2 pounds each month if you do it right. (Remember: A pound is roughly equivalent to 3,500 calories.) Check out these simple 200-calorie swaps that are so simple, your taste buds might not even notice.


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Yoga and Fasting Diet for Weight Loss

yoga and diet for weight loss

Yoga and Diet for Weight Loss

Today June 21st is being celebrated as International Yoga Day and early morning Fb and internet was full of Yoga posts. Most of the school and college kids had compulsory Yoga sessions in their institutions. Yoga is not something to be celebrated on any one day in a year, yes it can be a beginning of a daily affair.

Yoga along with a healthy diet can make anyone lose extra weight in a healthy way. Here is a daily schedule which can help all of us who are struggling for weight loss. Along with every one else we at IWB also are celebrating International Yoga Day.

If you are a working woman you can follow this… 

Yoga and Diet for weight loss

Early Morning

Hot water diet for weight loss

As you wake up, drink two glasses of luke warm water, this will help regulate your motions too and help detox.

See morning yoga regimen here….

Sit in an open area and do breathing exercises for 20 minutes. Pranayam, Anulom Vilom all of these exercises help in normalizing blood pressure, thyroid, migraine and many other health issues.

pranayama boosting energy

After breathing exercises a few sets of stretching can be done which help in keeping you flexible and help with early morning join stiffness in arthritis. After which you can have a cup of green tea with few almonds.

Simple Stretching Exercises At Work


Begin your breakfast with a glass of warm Jeera (cumin) water. After ten minutes have and a bowl of fruits. Quantity should not be more than 250 gms.

Ten minutes after fruits, have a cup of green tea with lemon.. (honey too can be added)

fruit bowl snack

Mid Morning

Do some deep breathing to help with stress issues. Deep breathing helps in calming emotions too.


After 5 minutes of deep breathing have a glass of buttermilk with or without sendha namak (Himalayan Pink Salt) You can add roasted jeera also.

Lassi for healthy gut


Start with a glass of water.

Have a bowl of salad with lots of cucumbers, tomato, onion, carrots and lemon juice.

After that one bowl of boiled whole grain dal with one spoon desi ghee added.

ghee does not nake you fat

Finish off with a glass of warm saunf water and sit in this position….

yoga for pms Thunderbolt or Vajrasana

If you can manage, you must have an afternoon nap. It helps relax the brain and refresh the body.

Evening Tea

A cup of tea without sugar or a cup of lemon tea with honey would be great options.

Have a handful of roasted chana with tea.

or if you don’t take tea then have a fruit slush.

watermelon smoothie no junk challenge

A fifteen to twenty minutes yoga session or a forty minute walk is must. Start with deep breathing and then move on to spot walking. You can spot jog also if you feel fit for that. End with a few stretches which will help lengthen your muscles and bones.

Person doing calf stretch exercise standing.Dinner

Dinner should be light soup

lauki palak soup for weight loss 5

and salad.  Find salad recipes here...


After dinner walk is must… always go for fifteen to twenty minutes walk.

End your day with a small cup of warm haldi (turmeric) milk. Do not add any sugar.

Turmeric latte

The best way to end your day is with the help of Shavasana… (my favourite asan)

Shavasana yoga for thyroid

The final word

This regimen must be made into a lifestyle for best results. Those who are light eaters can follow this diet daily while those who cannot stay without grains, must do this strictly every alternate day.

Hope you will follow instructions in this post on Yoga and Diet For Weight Loss.

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Frozen shoulder – Exercises To Treat It

Frozen shoulder – Have A Look At The Exercises To Treat It

Hello All!!!

Have you ever suffered from a frozen shoulder? Your doctor would have prescribed you with lots of allopathic drugs to provide relief from the pain. However, you should learn more about this ailment and know what physiotherapy exercises help in reducing it.

A frozen shoulder is marked by pain, stiffness and an inability to move the shoulder.

Frozen shoulder

How to treat a frozen shoulder?

Leaving a frozen shoulder untreated may work in a few rare cases but it is a bad idea as you have the risk of living with the pain for as long as 3 years. Any doc or physiotherapist will advise you to take medicines, physical therapy, surgery and good care.

To remove the ailment, physiotherapy is the best bet. For a frozen shoulder, there are simple exercises that do much more than reducing pain when compared to allopathic care.


Here are some easy physiotherapy exercises that work well:

Pendulum stretch

This is the first and foremost exercise you should be doing to reduce the pain associated with a frozen shoulder.

Start doing the pendulum stretch by relaxing your shoulders. Place the arm that is alright on a table and shift your weight to it by bending forward. Allow your affected arm to move in the air freely. Swing your arm in a small circle of a small diameter. After giving sufficient force to your arm to move, let it move the way a pendulum does. Don’t force the arm to move unless you feel you are losing speed.

As and when you start feeling better, you can increase the diameter of your arm’s swing. Never force the swinging action; allow it to happen naturally. Gradually, even light weights can be added to your hand.

Towel stretch

For this exercise, you need a 100 cm towel. Hold one end of it behind your back and grab the towel’s opposite end with your other hand. Use the good arm to pull the towel in upward direction and despite the minor pain, you need to keep tugging at your affected arm with your good arm. Do this exercise for 10 to 20 days for best results.

Cross-body reach

For this exercise, you can either sit or stand. Hold the affected arm with your good arm by the elbow and bring the affected arm of yours across the body gradually. This will gently put pressure on your shoulder. You can hold the stretch for 15 to 20 secs. Do this exercise 10-20 times a day. It is a very effective exercise for treating frozen shoulder.

Finger walk

This is more of a game. Face the wall and maintain a distance of 3/4th of your arm. At the waist level, touch wall with 2 fingertips. Walk the 2 fingers up the wall till you have lifted your arm as high as comfortably possible. Don’t move anything except your fingers. Lower your arm back from where you started and repeat. Do this exercise 10-20 times a day.

Armpit stretch

Place your arms on a shelf that is as high as your chest. If it is difficult to place your affected arm, you can place your good arm on top of the shelf. Slightly bend your knees and gently stretch your armpit and shoulder area. Then straighten when you feel uncomfortable. Do this 10 to 20 times a day.

The above exercises, when done religiously will reduce the pain on your shoulder.

Hope you found this post useful!

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