Detox Foot Bath – Does it work?

Does A Detox Foot Bath Work?

Hello All!!!

In the recent past, detox foot bath has been a rage. Everyone wants to get detoxified by dipping their feet in an ionic foot bath machine filled with water. Now, how true can this be? Let us explore the claims made and understand the science behind a detox foot bath.

Detox foot bath – The claim

Detox foot baths claim that by soaking your feet in water in the machine, you can get rid of all the impurities in your body. Sounds too good to be true! The demonstrations made are rather too dramatic and may seem impressive if you have no knowledge of chemistry!

detox foot bath

When you watch the videos of these detox foot bath machines at work, you will see a person dipping his or her feet in a tub of warm water with salt added. Through it is passed a mild electric current. It is claimed that with the help of the current the toxins are removed from the body.

The water changes colour when the current is passed. It turns blue, brown or green. There can also be tiny solid particles or gas bubbles in the water. This is said to be the evidence of the fact that your body has been cleared of impurities.

The truth

It is a plain chemical reaction between the saltwater and the electrodes. The colour that appears is just due to electrolytic corrosion. The metal electrodes are made up of copper, iron or nickel. On decomposition, these metals produce coloured ions. It is the combination of electric current and salt that causes the decomposition.

The electrolytic conversion causes the formation of gases and hydrogen bubbles. A strong alkaline solution is produced that softens dead skin on the feet and causes it to come off as flakes. These are the floating solids visible in the water. Apart from that, creams and lotions are applied to the feet prior to the foot bath to prepare the skin. These too can turn semisolid and float in the water.

Is a detox foot bath of any use?

Young Girl Holding Some Cash


This kind of a treatment provides the same amount of benefits as a normal soaking of feet in warm salt water does. Buying these so called ‘miracle’ devices is only going to burn a big hole in your pocket.

Simply soaking your feet in warm water is a great way to rejuvenate yourself. You should do that often to unwind after a hectic day at work. You don’t need those expensive detox foot bath machines at all. The soles of your feet cannot get rid of toxins. It is not possible. You can instead spend the money on healthy food so that your liver and kidneys work fine because they are the ones who remove toxins from your body. I hope I have cleared up everything.

The bottom line

Don’t fall prey to marketing gimmicks of companies selling detox foot bath machines. You cannot detoxify your body through the soles of your feet. Toxins don’t get removed this way!

Hope you found this post on the truth behind Detox Foot Bath useful!

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IWB Weight Loss Program Transformation Story – Meetu Singh

Meetu before after, Weight Loss Program Transformation

IWB Weight Loss Program Transformation Story –  Meet Meetu Singh

It really feels great to be back writing for my blog and it is always a super feeling when you are writing about someone’s weight loss success story.

As you all know in the month of September we launched a weight loss support group on Facebook Indian Weight Loss Coach.

IWLC, Weight Loss Program Transformation

This group was an effort to help all those people who wanted to lose weight but needed someone to be accountable to. Within no time there were some serious people joining in and some of them wanted to go for a professional weight loss program which we were already running. In the past three years we have helped so many clients in losing weight, some clients give up the effort in between while some are so consistent that the end result gives us satisfaction and joy.

Today I am introducing Ms Meetu Singh who achieved her target of losing 10 kg weight in two months. Please follow Meetu Singh’s weight loss program transformation story…

It was in September when we started IWLC group on Facebook that I received Meetu’s message that she wanted to lose weight but there were certain health issues due to which she wasn’t able to do so. I had always known Meetu to be someone who was very particular about her evening walks and was surprised to know that she was still struggling with her weight issues.

meetu before, Weight Loss Program Transformation

Here was this woman 42 years old, 74.5 Kg, 5’1.5” suffering from Hypothyroid and High Blood Pressure. She was on medication for both the health issues. Despite being a healthy eater she was not able to lose weight. In her own words,“Though I always kept a watch on my weight yet, somehow with hypothyroid, it sneaked in. 8 years ago, I had lost some weight, which came back and refused to budge.  Then I was introduced to this weight loss support group on Facebook, ‘IWLC’, and I started following diet plans as well as workout ideas suggested there by the admins. I started eating better and had fun cooking better. I lost a few kilos just by following the group. From 74.5kg I reached 71.8 kg when I decided to go for a customized weight loss program.”

meetu before1, Weight Loss Program Transformation

Meetu joined a Two Month long IWB Weight loss program in October 2016. At that point, she was 71.8 kg. She knew that with her being on thyroid medication it would difficult to achieve a lot of weight quickly. She was with us for two months during her consistent and inspiring weight loss journey.

Meetu after1, Weight Loss Program Transformation

In her words,”I lost weight consistently with the help of my mentor, who helped me with workouts and diet feedback. I was provided customized plans with multiple options for each meal, need based Detox plans, instant guidance through WhatsApp. I was helped to make healthy food choices whenever I had to attend or organize a party, which incidentally is a part of my daily life.”

Meetu after, Weight Loss Program Transformation

Meetu started her weight loss journey with IWLC/IWB when she was 74.4 kg and by the end of the program she was 64.2 kg.

Meetu 64.2, Weight Loss Program Transformation

Meetu Singh we, IWB/IWLC Team congratulate you for your successful weight loss journey. Hope you stay focused and maintain good level of health and fitness.

IWB has been running the most successful weight loss program for the last three years and now we are more client friendly as we are super easy to communicate through WhatsApp. The clients can now contact us on calls and share their concerns and clarify doubts.

We had never revised our program fees but now now we feel it’s high time to bring in a few changes in the fee structure. The regular IWB Weight Loss Program cost now is as follows…

  • One Month Program – 5000/-
  • Two Months Program- 7,500/-
  • Three Months Program- 12,000/-

We often keep offering discounts like the one we have now…

  • One Month Program – 4500/-
  • Three Months Program- 9500/-

Isn’t it a great deal? This offer is open till 28 February 2017.

So don’t miss this opportunity, it’s your last chance to enjoy the benefits of health and fitness at your doorstep and that too at such a wonderful discounted price.

We will be back with more weight loss program transformation stories!

How did you find this Weight Loss Program Transformation Story? Join Our Weight Loss Program!

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Online Doctor Consultation – Making Healthcare Convenient!

Online Doctor Consultation

Online shopping does tempt us all to buy goods online, most of them which are available at jaw dropping deals. From clothes to accessories, there is a lot to shop online.

The e-commerce industry has changed the scenario of shopping completely. It saves time, energy and of course fuel! Time is money these days and there is no point in spending hours shopping at stores when you can get everything at the comfort of your home.

Okay, now, what do you do when you are sick? You visit the doctor, obviously! In spite of an appointment, you have to wait in the queue for long hours, isn’t it? The long waiting time for your appointment may not be comfortable for many. For most, it may become annoying when the doctor turns up late. To avoid the long waits, you can now consult the doctor online!

online doctor consultation

This is a big revolution in the healthcare field. Doctors are now more easily available to you when you fall sick. You only need an active internet connection to be able to talk to the doctor. When online doctor consultation was made available by Ask Apollo, the word ‘online’ seemed quite intriguing to me.

Finally, the day had arrived when I could get rid of the tension of travelling to doctor’s clinic and waiting in never ending queues.

Let me share the experience of Mr. Amit with online doctor consultation.

Mr. Amit just went to the website to seek consultation. The next step was a detailed face-to-face (or rather screen to screen) video conversation with the doctor about health and proper guidance was given. Only after proper consultation, the prescription was sent to him. Convenience is the USP of online doctor consultation.

Benefits of Ask Apollo Online Doctor Consultation

  • Can consult the doctor at any hour of the day from anywhere. It hardly matters whether you are in Chennai or Los Angeles, the doctor is available round the clock on all days.
  • Specialists are present on a single platform. You can meet any specialist you need, right from a dermatologist to a gastroenterologist.
  • You may speak to the doctor with the help of a video call. Besides, there are options of communicating through a voice call and email too.
  • You don’t need to run around to talk to the specialist. So, online doctor consultation is certainly hassle free.
  • You may consult the doctor from the comfort of your home.

Hope you liked reading this post on consulting the doctor online!

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List Of Supplements To Skip

Here Is A List Of Supplements To Skip!

Hello All!!

Popular opinion says that you can simply pop in vitamin and mineral supplements and not bother about healthy eating again. Sorry to break the notion but they can work sometimes but most often they have a very little to no effect. Are you aware that certain supplements in higher doses can lead to serious health issues like kidney stones and cancer?

Here is a list of supplements to skip:

Vitamin C supplement

vitamin C supplements to avoid, supplements to skip

Risk associated: Increased risk of kidney stones

Vitamin C is linked with immunity and people feel that by simply consuming a vitamin C supplement, you can prevent or even treat the common cold.

Several studies have been conducted to find out the effectiveness of vitamin C for the common cold. However, the results are contradictory and that is why the subject stays controversial.

You should skip vitamin C supplements no matter if they prevent cold or not! According to studies, a large dose of vitamin C can increase the risk of kidney stones in certain individuals even if they didn’t have a history of the problem.

Vitamin E supplement

vitamin E supplements to avoid, supplements to skip

Risk associated: Can lead to fatal Brain Hemorrhages and cancer

The strong anti-oxidant properties in vitamin E have made people consume it more. However, in a recent study it has been found that men who took vitamin E supplements for a long time had an increased risk of prostate cancer when compared to those who did not.

Moreover, high dosage of this vitamin reduces blood clotting and can cause bleeding in the brain.

Multivitamin Supplements

multivitamin supplements to avoid, supplements to skip

Risk associated: Increased mortality

Different vitamins and minerals play different important roles in the upkeep of our body. This makes people feel that the best way to get all the vitamins is by simply popping in a multivitamin.

Studies have something else to say. They say that multivitamins have little or no real value. What is even more shocking is that a regular intake of multivitamin could increase the risk of mortality in women above 25.

Antioxidant supplements

Risk associated: Increased risk of cancer

Antioxidants in fruits and veggies are well known for their miraculous powers right from lowering the risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancers and diabetes to reducing wrinkles and age lines. However, you need not expect the same from antioxidant supplements.

In a large trial it has been found that smokers who consumed a high dose of beta carotene (an antioxidant) had an increased risk of lung cancer and death. Even moderate doses of certain antioxidants can increase the risk of several kinds of cancer. So, don’t self prescribe yourself antioxidant supplements. You should not eat them unless and until the doctor recommends them to you specifically.

It is better to stick to natural food sources of vitamins than depend on supplements. Include lots of healthy foods in your diet and get all your vitamin and minerals for there. Listen to what the doctor says and follow suit.

Stay healthy and fit!

Caution: The above information does not take precedence to the advice of a doctor!

Hope you liked reading this post on supplements to skip!

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