Frozen shoulder – Exercises To Treat It

Frozen shoulder – Have A Look At The Exercises To Treat It

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Have you ever suffered from a frozen shoulder? Your doctor would have prescribed you with lots of allopathic drugs to provide relief from the pain. However, you should learn more about this ailment and know what physiotherapy exercises help in reducing it.

A frozen shoulder is marked by pain, stiffness and an inability to move the shoulder.

Frozen shoulder

How to treat a frozen shoulder?

Leaving a frozen shoulder untreated may work in a few rare cases but it is a bad idea as you have the risk of living with the pain for as long as 3 years. Any doc or physiotherapist will advise you to take medicines, physical therapy, surgery and good care.

To remove the ailment, physiotherapy is the best bet. For a frozen shoulder, there are simple exercises that do much more than reducing pain when compared to allopathic care.


Here are some easy physiotherapy exercises that work well:

Pendulum stretch

This is the first and foremost exercise you should be doing to reduce the pain associated with a frozen shoulder.

Start doing the pendulum stretch by relaxing your shoulders. Place the arm that is alright on a table and shift your weight to it by bending forward. Allow your affected arm to move in the air freely. Swing your arm in a small circle of a small diameter. After giving sufficient force to your arm to move, let it move the way a pendulum does. Don’t force the arm to move unless you feel you are losing speed.

As and when you start feeling better, you can increase the diameter of your arm’s swing. Never force the swinging action; allow it to happen naturally. Gradually, even light weights can be added to your hand.

Towel stretch

For this exercise, you need a 100 cm towel. Hold one end of it behind your back and grab the towel’s opposite end with your other hand. Use the good arm to pull the towel in upward direction and despite the minor pain, you need to keep tugging at your affected arm with your good arm. Do this exercise for 10 to 20 days for best results.

Cross-body reach

For this exercise, you can either sit or stand. Hold the affected arm with your good arm by the elbow and bring the affected arm of yours across the body gradually. This will gently put pressure on your shoulder. You can hold the stretch for 15 to 20 secs. Do this exercise 10-20 times a day. It is a very effective exercise for treating frozen shoulder.

Finger walk

This is more of a game. Face the wall and maintain a distance of 3/4th of your arm. At the waist level, touch wall with 2 fingertips. Walk the 2 fingers up the wall till you have lifted your arm as high as comfortably possible. Don’t move anything except your fingers. Lower your arm back from where you started and repeat. Do this exercise 10-20 times a day.

Armpit stretch

Place your arms on a shelf that is as high as your chest. If it is difficult to place your affected arm, you can place your good arm on top of the shelf. Slightly bend your knees and gently stretch your armpit and shoulder area. Then straighten when you feel uncomfortable. Do this 10 to 20 times a day.

The above exercises, when done religiously will reduce the pain on your shoulder.

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Easy Keto Diet for Indians

Keto Diet for Indians

Weight loss is something that is on every one’s mind these days. It is also a known fact that Low Carbohydrate diet is a way of eating that can make anyone lose weight fast and yet keep the person healthy. In the last few years a Ketogenic diet is being considered the best way to lose weight without much effort. The only effort required is to bring down the carbohydrates in daily diet to as much as below 20 gms.

In western countries it is very easy to adopt a ketogenic diet as most of the people are comfortable eating beef and bacon, which incidently is the best food items on this particular WOE.

Fruits, vegetables and seeds spelling the word low carb

Keto Diet challenge for Indians

For Indians and specially vegetarians and vegans, a keto diet can prove to be a huge challenge. Most of the Indian meals are full of carbohydrates as we cannot live without rice, potato, sweets and grains. While on a Ketogenic diet all these foods are almost banned. Despite that fact we Indians also can follow a Keto diet and eat Indian meals too. Just a little smartness in selection of ingredients, and you can lose weight fast on a healthy Keto diet.

Indian vegetables for Keto


Here is a list of vegetables which are easily available in India and are not at all heavy on the pocket.

1. Cucumber

 Cucumbers are 96 percent water and eaten raw.

Extra Brownie points:  One cup of sliced cucumbers has only 16 calories and 4 grams of net carbs.

2. Eggplant

Very common purple vegetable containing lots of dietary fiber and antioxidants. One cup of cooked eggplant has only 35 calories, 7 grams of net carb.

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms promote a strong immune system. Just 38 calories in 100 g, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and very low in sodium. Ideal for Keto dieters as 100 g mushrooms contains just 3g net carbs.

4. Tomatoes

They are great as Keto food but portions are to be kept controlled. 100g of tomatoes has only 18 calories and 3 g of net carbs.

5. Green Beans

Green beans are an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin A and also contain respectable amounts of potassium and magnesium, which help to normalize blood pressure. One cup of green beans has only 44 calories and 10 grams of carb. and also provides about 4 grams of fiber. Portion control is required here.

6. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is good for digestion and is full of fiber. Extremely high in fiber and low in calories, pumpkin has disease-fighting nutrients like pantothenic acid, magnesium, and vitamins C and E. 1 cup pumpkin has 30 calories and 7 g carbs with negligible fat.

 7. Bottle gourd

Bottle gourd keeps flatulence, constipation and acidity under control. 96 % of this gourd is water. It is absolutely helpful for those on a Keto diet. Only 15 calories, less than 4g net carbs and 0.1 g fat in 100 g.

8. Peppers

Peppers have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antimicrobial effects. 100 g of sliced fresh peppers has about 20 calories and 3 g of net carbs.

9. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourds are beneficial in lowering sugar levels, fighting cancer and a number of infections. It provides relief from constipation and helps in improving blood circulation along with being blood purifier too. 100 g of Karela or bitter gourd has just 17 calories and 1 net carb.

There are many other vegetables which can be enjoyed while on a Ketogenic diet, like (Palak) Spinach, (Sarson saag) Mustard leaves, (Bhindi) lady finger, (Parval) Pointed gourd, Turai, chichinda, tinda etc which are all from the gourd family.

If these vegetables are cooked with enough good fats and no grains and seasoning, they can be the perfect Keto foods.

For Indian Keto Diet meal plans  click here…  and here…

You can find some more info on Indian Keto diet here…

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Smart Hour By Hour Diet And Exercise Plan

Here’s A Smart Hour By Hour Diet And Exercise Plan

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Always wanted to know from experts what to eat and how to exercise? Your dream of getting a diet and exercise plan has just come true! Here is an hour to hour diet and exercise plan that will surely guide you well.

6.30 to 7 am

Time to wake up and drink water

wake up to a happy morning

It is best to break your all-night fast with a glass of water with lemon. Nutritionists say that when you sleep, you don’t just abstain from food but also from water. As most vitamins are water-soluble, a glass of water before eating will help your body absorb nutrients from food better. Lemon’s acidity helps in re-balancing the digestive tract and lets good bacteria thrive in the intestine. This facilitates proper nutrient absorption.

7 am

Go for a short walk

women walking- How To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

A light session of cardio just after you wake up and before you eat helps burning fat. It can be a 20 min walk with your dog, running up and down the stairs or doing jumping jacks. These help tap the energy reserves of the body. It should not be a 2 hour hiking or a 45 min spin class on an empty stomach. The whole idea is about fitting in an easy exercise within an hour of waking up.

7.30 am


Oats For Weight Loss Management And Well Being

Having  oatmeal is a great idea. As it is packed with fibre, it will keep you full for a few hours. For your protein needs, you can have a glass of milk, yogurt, or a full-boiled egg. You can also stir in a few nuts into your oats. Berries are also a good option.

Calorie count – 300 to 400 calories

9 am

Drink water


You know that you must drink lots of glasses of water a day. But sipping on a little amount of water at a time throughout the day sounds better that guzzling down a huge glass when you feel parched.

10 am

Stretch and walk

Simple Stretches at work

Get up from your work desk, stretch a bit and stroll around every hour. You can walk to the cabin of your coworker instead of sending an email. When you need to go to another floor of your office, take the stairs instead of the lift.

10.30 to 11 am

Small snack


After every 3 to 4 hours, you need to eat to keep your energy levels up and avoid hogging at mealtime. You can grab an apple, a slice of cheese or some nuts. You can even try yogurt and berries. Check out these healthy portable snacks

Calorie count: 150 to 300 calories

11.30 am to Noon

Drink water and walk

Hot water diet for weight loss

Drink some water and get up from your desk. Stretch a bit. This will help keeping your energy levels up and will prevent you from snacking out of boredom or tiredness. Also, moving around prior to lunch gives your digestive system a jump-start.

1 to 1.30 pm


Wilted spinach egg peppers salad with creamy spinach mayo dressing

Make a colourful salad for yourself. Start with leafy greens and pile on a mix of colourful veggies, protein and healthy fats. Try adding tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms and peppers. For healthy fat, add avocado (1/4th cup) and half a cup of protein like fish, chicken, beans or lentils. The more colourful your platter, the better it is.

Dressing your salad is okay but you should not drown the salad in it. Go in for a lighter version or one based on olive oil.

Calorie count: 400 to 500 calories

2 pm

Water and a walk

before dinner walk

Drink water and get outdoors if possible. The fresh air and sunshine can help boost spirits and prevent overeating due to a bad mood.

3.30 pm to 4 pm

Afternoon snack

low carb high fiber strawberry yogurt

By this hour everyone needs to snack! For a good fibre and protein rich snack, have yogurt with some cereal that is high in fibre. Banana with a tablespoon of almond butter or peanut butter is also a good option. There can also be something fun like a piece of dark chocolate (70%). It has polyphenols that help in keeping the brain sharp. Your appetite should be your guide in choosing the snack.

Calorie count: 150 -250 calories

6-7 pm

Walk or a workout

IWB Weight Loss Challenge Workout Plan weight

If you can’t workout in the morning, this is the right time to exercise. Be regular in your habits no matter if it is the gym or just a walk in your neighbourhood. You can even add in exercise in your daily travel. If you travel by bus or train, hop off a stop earlier and walk your way home.

7.30 pm


Chicken soup recipe

Begin with a soup, head to the main course of grilled fish and veggies. If you are a vegetarian you can have sautéed veggies with brown rice.  Just remember to control portions.

Calorie count: 400 to 500 calories

9.30 pm


Berrries for diabetics

Half a cup of berries with chocolate drizzled on top, fresh orange juice popsicles or apple slices with honey. Really good options!

Calorie count: 100-150 calories

10.30 to 11 pm

Woman Sleeping

You need to clock in 7-8 hours of sleep or else you will invite illnesses. Insufficient sleep will also make you feel more tired and likely to eat more the next day. Ensure you have a calming bedtime ritual that soothes you to sleep.

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5 Ways To Be Happier In Life

Ways To Be Happier In Life

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Are you sad, gloomy and depressed most of the time? Is life not giving you reasons to be happy? Well, this post is just for you! Keep reading!

happy-woman-food fear

All this while psychologists have been focusing on things that are wrong with us and they are our anger, anxiety or depression. Coming to the field of positive psychology, this strategy turns inside out and the focus is on what is working well in our lives. If we always try to eliminate the ailment alone, then the best thing that will happen is that we will not be sick. But by focusing on joy, personal development and happiness instead we will get benefits that are far beyond the ‘not sick’ point.

Here are 5 ways to be happier in life,

1) Allow yourself to be human

Living in a society makes you get bound to some rules. You have to behave in a certain manner to be labeled as ‘normal’. Break free! You should instead allow yourself to be human. When you feel like crying, you should vent it out and the same thing goes for laughing. Don’t suppress your emotions as it will reappear again later with an uglier face. Accept yourself unconditionally and stay okay with whatever you feel, be it tears or anything else.

health benefits of tears 1

2) Develop and work on your goals

According to positive psychologists, you need to align your goals and values to be happy. Registering your accomplishments and achievements as something meaningful and pleasurable will give lots of benefits in return.


3) Grow the Mind-body connection

Positive psychologists emphasize the importance of movement and physical affection on your well-being. According to one study, individuals suffering from depression who exercised were less likely to get a relapse after 10 months when compared to individuals who improved by medicines alone.

women walking- How To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

4) Value the personal relationships you have

Many people make a huge mistake when it comes to valuing long-term relationships. Most of us end up searching for lovers and friends who validate us and assure us that we are normal and likeable. This validation should instead come from within us. In healthy relationships, two people must understand each other and know each other’s private fears and insecurities. That is how it should be. There should be a two way effort  for a relationship to be successful.

Husband and wife-Things You Didn’t Know About Weight Loss

5) Focus more on the positive

This is easier said than done. Everybody says that you need to think positive to lead a happy and fulfilled life. But there are solid scientific reasons why you should develop a habit of focusing on the positive. According to positive psychologists, happiness depends more on the state of mind than on any other environmental factor as long as your basic requirements are met. Research says that the practice of listing everything you are thankful for will lead to significant increases in happiness.

Wish you all the best in your endeavor of living your life happily without any worries.

I hope you understood these 5 ways to be happier in life.

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