Fitness Secrets Of Tiger Shroff

Fitness Secrets Of Tiger Shroff – What Are They?

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Today let us catch a glimpse of the fitness secrets of Tiger Shroff who has taken the movie world by the storm. His perfectly sculpted body leaves everyone awestruck! Keep reading if you want to know what all he does to stay fit.

For his debut movie Heropanti, he did motion training along with flexibility training that includes wall flips and leaps, front pike and 360 degree backward twist.

An ardent fan of Bruce Lee, he is well trained in martial arts and keeps himself in perfect shape and physically fit. The macho body and the perfect abs are the outcome of a rigourous workout routine and diet plan. A well toned body cannot be built in a jiffy. Tiger Shroff is passionate about working out at the gym, dancing, practicing martial arts and playing football. The elasticity you see in his dance moves and stunts is because of gymnastics and kickboxing.

Fitness secrets of Tiger Shroff

Workout routine of Tiger Shroff:

Day 1: Chest

  • Flat bench
  • Incline bench
  • Chest fly
  • Dumbbell press

Day 2: Back

  • Pull ups
  • Lateral machine pull-downs
  • Low & one arm dumbbell rolls of 100 kilos.

Day 3: Legs

  • Squats with a weight of 190 kilos on his shoulders
  • Harmstrings curls with 90 kilos weight
  • Step-ups with 90 kilos weight
  • Barbells
  • Free squats

Day 4: Arms

  • Olympic barbell curls with 60 kilo weight
  • Dumbbell curls with 32 kilo weight
  • Reverse curls with 30 kilo weight
  • Close grip barbell presses
  • Press downs
  • Skull crushers with 68 kilo weight

Day 5: Shoulders

  • Knee and shoulder press with 90 kilo weights
  • Military press
  • Lateral raises with dumbbells
  • Lateral raises with machine
  • Rear flys with 40 kilo weight

Day 6: Mixed

  • Dead lifts with 250 kilo weights
  • Squats with 100 kilo weight
  • Kneel and press with 50 Kilo weight
  • Plyometric push-ups

Day 7: Abs

  • Crunches
  • Hanging reverse crunches
  • Weight loaded reverse crunches (10 Kilo weight)
  • Standing and seated calf press

7 solid days of training! Yes, you guessed it right, fitness is Tiger’s first love!

He takes classes for martial arts and gymnastics along with filmi-fighting to become more flexible and alert.

Fitness secrets of Tiger Shroff 1

Diet plan of Tiger Shroff


He begins the day with 8 egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast.


He snacks on dry fruits and whey shake


For lunch there is brown rice with fish or chicken and boiled veggies


Fish, green beans and broccoli

He drinks lots of water every day as he works out so much.

Another fitness secret of Tiger Shroff is that the hunk neither smokes nor drinks alcohol. That is a huge plus and will help him maintain a healthy body.

According to Tiger’s trainer, he has build the body with discipline and hard work and genetics. He works out on all days a week without taking an off! The martial arts he practices serve as cardio.

In order to stay motivated, he changes his workout every 4 months.

Getting a body like Tiger requires hard work and dedication. If you too want to get fit and muscular, you need to start leading a well-disciplined life.

Hope you enjoyed reading the fitness secrets of Tiger Shroff!

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6 Ways To Nourish Your Skin While You Sleep

Ways To Nourish Your Skin While You Sleep

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Do you know that your skin is at its restorative best when you are sleeping? A 6 to 8 hour long sleep is a period of rest for all the body cells, including the ones of the skin. It is during this time that skin cells can get repaired and are regenerated. They are on a break from the attack of sunscreen, pollution, makeup, wind and germs. It is also the best time to apply pure skin care products that support the skin. Also, you should not apply unnecessary chemicals that have been exposed to germs and pollution all day long.

Here is a 6 step plan to nourish your skin while you sleep!

1) Cleanse your skin

splash water- home remedies to keep your eyes sparkling with health

You should make it a point to retire to bed with a clean face. Remove your eye makeup in particular as it can get into the eye and cause redness and irritation. The mascara that makes your eyelashes oh-so-pretty can make eyelashes brittle and prone to breakage if not removed overnight. Remember to remove foundation from your face as it can clog pores. Moreover, it gets contaminated at the end of the day. It is like exposing your skin to microbes unnecessarily.

2) Keep a humidifier

The best thing for your skin at night is to keep a humidifier in your room especially during winters. This way the face and body will get hydrated while you are asleep.

3) Moisturize

Why fairness creams are harmful for skin

Your skin repairs and regenerates itself overnight. The skin needs antioxidants to help in repairing the DNA damage and water which is needed by the skin to maintain its health. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that may sound scary but is a clear, sugary, sticky substance occurring naturally in the body. Its duty is to keep things hydrated. For moisturisation, consider a product with hyaluronic acid combined with an oil rich in antioxidants for repair of cells.

4) Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol is said to dehydrate you and dehydration is really bad for the skin. Why don’t you try mocktails instead? They are fun and don’t have alcohol in them. Your skin will thank you!

5) Choose a good eye cream

You need to choose an eye cream that has vitamin E in it for nourishment, hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin C for collagen and vitamin K to reduce dark circles. Look out for products that have fewer ingredients and no fragrance as your under-eye skin is very sensitive.

6) Aromatherapy

essential-oils-to relieve stress

You can incorporate essential oils to your bedtime routine. When you smell the aroma of the oils, a message is sent to your body that it is time to take rest. You can always invest is a good diffuser and place it in a far corner of your room. Lavender oil is the best for this. A great way to unwind at the end of the day!

I hope that the above skin care tips to nourish your skin while you sleep come handy and make you wake up with beautiful skin every morning!

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How To Work Out When Low On Energy?

Ways To Work Out When Low On Energy

woman tired overexercise

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There are always those days when you are all set to work out but have low energy levels. What do you do on such days? Do you skip the workout altogether? Maybe you should not. Here are ways to work out when low on energy:

Simply go ahead

At times you simply need to go ahead. Most often when you start working out you will get into it and eventually end up with a great workout session.

A majority of the people are on a look out for excuses to bunk their workout session. That is the lazy stage most people go through. Make sure you can differentiate between the lazy stage and when your body is actually not ready for a work out.

Take rest when needed

There can be moments when you really feel weak and low on energy. In such a case what you require is rest and not more physical activity. Just as I mentioned above you need to know the difference between sheer laziness and real fatigue.

It can be a day filled with so much activity that you may not have the energy to move a muscle. It is best to take rest on such days.

How To Re-energize Yourself When Tired

Understand your state

Not feeling like working out can at times not be a physical thing but an emotional or mental one. These things are all tied together in a single string. You need to understand your state while training. If you are in a bad state, then your workout will be bad too. However, at times, a workout can bring you out of a bad emotional or mental state.

To manage your mental or emotional state you should go in for meditation or pranayama (breathing exercises).

Don’t follow the written plan

Having a written training plan is good but there can be times that you will not feel like working out according to the plan. Don’t let that feeling make you skip your workout.

Simply cut down the workout by half or trim it a bit. Do things according to your liking. This way you can add intensity to your workout. Far better than skipping your workout session!

Some trainers say that there should be a deload week once every 4 to 6 weeks. You just need to listen to your body and plan your deload accordingly. This will be better than sticking to a random workout schedule.

Try new movements

Your nervous system might get tired of doing the same movements again and again. By trying out something different you will not just have a lot of fun and a wonderful workout session. While it is essential to do consistent training for steady gains, you need to do some changes occasionally. New movements can get you all excited about your training.

Hope these tips will help you in improving your workouts! You can combine most of the ideas mentioned here when you feel demotivated or too tired to work out. Do the right thing for your fitness and well being!

Hope now you know what to do when you have to Work Out When Low On Energy!

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3 Common Things In The Best Weight Loss Diets

Common Things In The Best Weight Loss Diets

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The weight loss world is filled with misleading and often conflicting information. However, there are a few common things in the best weight loss diets out there. With the term ‘best weight loss diets’ I mean sustainable eating habits and not the fad diets that change every now and then.

Slim woman after diet.

Experts are of the opinion that doctors and dieticians should focus on finding out which diet is best for each individual and not which one diet is suitable for everyone.

The best diets have some common factors. They encourage people to eat lots of veggies and avoid added sugars and reduced refined grains. However, one factor that seems missing is keeping a watch over the portion size. Diet experts are of the opinion that without watching your portion size, even the healthiest foods can make you gain weight if you eat too much of them.

woman eating healthy salad

The common factors are useful and you would soon know why.

Eating veggies

raw veggies

A plant-based diet is said to add lots of fibre and helps in keeping the calories balanced. To increase the intake of veggies, you can make certain changes to your food such as adding spinach to the omelet you make for breakfast, including a hearty salad at lunch and eating veggies with protein at dinner. Adding veggies to your snacks is also a good idea. You can always have carrot sticks with hummus. It is advisable to turn your refrigerator into a mini-salad bar. Keep a stock of chopped fresh carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and the like so that you can simply grab them on the go or add them to a recipe. The more accessible veggies are to you, the more the chances that you will eat them.

Avoiding added sugars

no sugar please

Now come to added sugars. You need to stay away from added sugars, the ones that are added to foods while processing. Sugar terribly affects your health and the worst part is that you may not be able to realize that you are consuming it. So, you need to check labels of foods and find out if they have sugar in them. Be wary of sugar in pasta sauces, breads and soups.

The best way out is to find healthier alternatives to foods containing sugar. So instead of a sugar loaded fizzy soft drink, just have a glass of chilled club soda flavoured with lemon. You can also use pieces of fruit to jazz up your drink. Instead of snacking on a piece of chocolate, eat nuts or a bowl of yogurt with fresh fruits.

Add more protein and fibre to your diet to help reduce sugar cravings. Fibre helps you stay full for a longer period of time.

Say no to refined grains

Foods Which Make You Fat white bread

Just like added sugar, refined grains can wreck your weight loss goals. Foods containing refined grains are white bread, pasta and rice. However, crackers and cereal are also made from refined grains. They are just empty calories that increase your appetite leading to too much calorie intake and eventually weight gain.

To decrease refined grains consumption, choose foods like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, quinoa and oatmeal. Read labels of packaged foods and make sure that whole grains are the first few ingredients on the list.

Finally, just remember to keep a control on your food portions so that you don’t accidentally go overboard. Try the practice of mindful eating.

If you follow all the above tips, you can soon lose weight the healthy way!

Hope you liked reading about the common factors in the Best Weight Loss Diets!

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