Simple Rules For Winter Weight Loss

Rules For Winter Weight Loss – Check Them Out!

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Most people feel that when winter arrives, the weighing scale starts reflecting it. Weight gain seems to be common in winters. It can probably be due to the fact that you are de-motivated to workout. The biting cold makes it difficult to head outdoors for a workout. It would be rather easier to coil up on the couch and watch TV.

Sounds like bad news? Nope! This so called ‘winter weight gain’ is a myth. Don’t let this winter weight gain myth depress you! It is very much possible to lose weight during winter months.

winter-weight-loss-exercise, Winter Weight Loss

Here are the rules for winter weight loss

Shorten your exercise session

A cold day may make you feel lazy and groggy! However, don’t skip a workout because it is too cold. Instead of skipping it you can go in for a shorter exercise session. Can’t head to the gym? Fine! Just work out at home for about 20 mins. Here is how you can workout at the comfort of your own home – click. See what kind of a workout suits you.

Try out indoor activities

The days get shorter and chilly during winters but you can stay indoors and try out new kinds of indoor activities. Go ahead and try martial arts, they can double up as self defence moves too! Hot Yoga is another good idea during winters as it will warm you up inside out.

Keep wearing your activity tracker

Fitness-tracker 1

When winters arrive, your activity levels go down. You might even be wearing your activity tracker inconsistently. However, remember that winters are the right time for using these trackers. It will remind you of the fact that you have not been moving around. The best deal would be to get the ideal 10,000 steps a day workout.

Load your plate with protein

When you load your plate with protein rich foods you are taking the right step towards weight loss! Protein is known to keep you full for a longer time period and also helps in keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Make sure that your snacks also have a minimum of 10 g of protein. Check out the list of protein rich foods for vegetarians– click

Drink lots of fluids


It is said that most of us may be dehydrated without even realizing it. The worst part is that it can be mistaken for hunger. So, drink sufficient amount of water. This will curb unnecessary snacking. Keep a bottle of water ready on your work desk so that you can sip it whenever you feel like. You can also have cups of green tea if you are bored of plain water. Staying well hydrated is of utmost importance.

Be careful with carbs

No, I don’t mean to demonize carbs. You can consume carbs in the form of bread and pasta but it is the timing, quantity and quality that matter. Carbs such as those in veggies, accompanied with protein and fibre should form the main part of your intake as they satiate you. The starchy carbs such as rice and bread can be consumed after you workout as it is at this time when your body makes best use of them.

Stop appearing for parties starving!

It is a very common tendency of people to show up for a party starving ? The problem with this is that whatever meets your eye seems to be good. Even if you intend to eat in moderation, you will end up gorging on the unhealthy fried stuff. Just eat normally throughout the day and you will find yourself less indulgent at the party.

Hope these rules for winter weight loss are useful for you!

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How To Work Out During Winter?

Want To Know How To Work Out During Winter?

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During summer you are a fitness enthusiast who swims, runs and works out every single day. You stay in perfect shape all through the summer months. However, as winter knocks the door, you are hardly able to get out of bed and by night want to curl up with a book. If that is what you do, then keep reading as this post is all about how to work out during winter!

ways to ward off winter laziness- woman in blanket

Winter months can adversely affect a person’s fitness routine. The harsh weather can demotivate people easily.

Prepare for your outdoor workout

When there is a change of climate from warm to cold, it takes time for the body to adjust to it. You need some motivation. Read Tips To Boost Your Winter Workout Motivation.

burn 200 cal in 20 mnts jumping jacks

It will be easier to head outdoors if you can first warm yourself up inside. Allot 5 to 10 mins to yourself and do low level aerobic exercises such as spot jogging or jumping jacks. After this little drill, it will be easier to step outside as you will be already warm. Your clothes also matter. You can wear layers so that they can be removed one by one as your body temperature rises.

Think of an alternative to gym

The dark and chilly morning and the early darkness in the evenings can bring down the motivation of an ardent gym lover. Even dedicated gym-goers fail due to the harsh climate.

If you have a similar problem, it is advisable for you to have a back-up plan ready. You might be having basic exercise equipment at home if you are a fitness freak such as a treadmill. Go ahead and use it when it is not possible to head outdoors. Exercising at home can be made a lot more fun as you can use your creativity to make the best use of what you have. For instance, you can place a TV right in front of your treadmill and watch your favourite program. This will prevent you from getting bored.

treadmill weight loss

For added motivation, just call a few friends over. Exercising while chit-chatting with friends is fun! Studies also say that having social support will help in keeping people active.

Also consider adjusting your exercise schedule. The cold and dark morning hours might be discouraging you from working out. Turn to brisk walking during later hours of the day or an exercise class during your lunch hours.

Reduce your workout

If you are really not able to work out due to the climate, you can still settle for something less. Just try to do a bare minimum of aerobic exercise thrice a week.

Studies reveal that even if you decrease the number of days of exercise, it won’t hurt you if you maintain the same kind of intensity and time. The same goes for weight training. Reducing your exercise frequency does not mean that it is end of your exercise accomplishments.

The final word

Whatever you do, just remember to keep doing some physical exercise everyday no matter what the climate is. We humans are hardwired to be on the move and not to be glued to the office seat.

Hope you liked reading this post on ways to work out during winter!

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5 Winter Foods To Stay Healthy!

Winter Foods To Stay Healthy!

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Stay healthy this winter by eating the right kinds of foods. Though winter season has fewer foods to offer when compared to summer, there are some real health superstars! Check out the 5 winter foods to stay healthy!

1) Pomegranates

pomegranate health benefits

Pomegranates are great winter foods and a rage in the juice form! From the heart-health point of view, drinking pomegranate juice is good for you. The juice of pomegranate is packed with antioxidants. A single cup of it daily can help fight the damage caused by free radicals. The antioxidants help in preventing the oxidization of LDL (bad) cholesterol.  It is oxidized LDL that contributes to the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Include this fruit in your diet this winter and see how better you feel!

2) Dark leafy greens

mustard greens

You have a lot of greens available during winters and it is a good excuse to relish on sarson ka saag! Yes, Sarson ka saag or mustard greens taste best in winters! However, you need not stop with mustard greens alone. Get all the kinds of greens available! They are rich in vitamins and minerals that are much needed by the body. Greens have folate that is a must for women of child bearing age.

3) Citrus fruits

vitamin c foods

Citrusy fruits such as oranges, lemons, sweet limes and the kind are at their juiciest best during winters. The warm hues of these fruits can bring some sunshine to your otherwise gloomy winter. Citrus fruits are well known for the good amount of vitamin C that they have to offer. One medium-sized orange can provide you with 100% of your daily dose of vitamin C. Citrus fruits are also said to be rich sources of flavanoids. The chief flavanoid in these fruits is known to boost good HDL cholesterol and lower levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

4) Potatoes

sweet potato vs white potato-which is better

Potatoes have sort of been demonized by most people. The reason for this is that it is a white starch which is placed in the category of white bread or white rice. However, unlike other starches that have been stripped of healthy nutrients, potatoes are a whole food having several beneficial nutrients.

Potatoes are great sources of 2 immunity boosters namely, vitamin C and B6. One medium potato meets 25 percent of your vitamin C needs and 29 percent of vitamin B6 needs. Apart from that, this veggie is also a good source of folate. As already mentioned, folate is extremely essential for women who are of child-bearing age. It also has a modest amount of fibre to add to your diet.

5) Winter Squash

pumpkin fat burning food

Now don’t feel as though it is a foreign veggie! Winter squash is nothing but good old Kaddu! You are rather too familiar with the veggie :P. Some people love it whereas others hate it. However, they are great winter veggies. A cup of cooked winter squash has just 80 calories and is high in vitamin A and vitamin C. It meets 214% of the daily need of vitamin A and 33% of vitamin C. It is also a good source of vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate and potassium.

Include all the winter fruits and veggies mentioned here and stay healthy!

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5 Effective Inner Thigh Exercises

5 Effective Inner Thigh Exercises

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Don’t you feel awestruck when you see someone with a sculpted physique? Well, even you can get that if you work hard! For most people the inner thighs are a problem area. Have you tried inner thigh exercises? So, here are some effective inner thigh exercises that will really work wonders for you!

1) Criss-Cross Power Jacks

criss-cross-jacks, Inner Thigh Exercises


This inner thigh exercise not just targets the inner thigh muscles but also engages the whole body. It increases heart rate which means you will burn more number of calories.

How to do it:

Stand with your feet together and breathe in deeply. While exhaling, jump your feet out wide and cross your arms overhead. Now, cross left leg in front of the right as the left arm crosses over your right at chest level. Repeat immediately while alternating sides every time.

2) Inner-thigh blaster

inner-thigh-blaster-exercise, Inner Thigh Exercises


Here is a low impact exercise that will help shape your inner thighs.

How to do it:

Stand at a distance of a forearm from a solid chair or countertop and hold on lightly with your right hand. Step your feet hip-distance apart while pointing your toes straight ahead. Place a small sized soft ball or a pillow of the same size between inner thighs. With your left hand on your hip, lift your heels and try to balance on the balls of your feet. Bend your knees and lower down about one inch. Just imagine that you are sliding down an imaginary wall. Press your inner thighs into the ball while keeping your shoulders stacked over your hips, hips over ankles and your core tight. Raise hips up again and bring your left arm over your head while squeezing the ball with inner thighs. Lower by one inch to repeat. Do 30 reps and then repeat on the other side.

3) Tree lean to side lunge

tree-lean-side-lunge-exercise, Inner Thigh Exercises


Apart for targeting the inner thighs, this exercise works the core, hips and the whole lower body.

How to do it:

Stand with your feet together and arms above your head. Flex your spine laterally to make your arms and shoulders reach left while your hips sway towards the right.

Sweep your arms up and over while making half a circle down your right as the left leg gets into a side lunge. Enter into a deep side lunge resting your left hand on your thigh and your right hand touching the floor. Push yourself off the floor and circle your arms back overhead in order to return to a lateral lean as your left foot returns to the right. Do 10 reps and repeat on the opposite side.

4) Scissor legs plank

scissor-legs-plank-exercise, Inner Thigh Exercises


This exercise is not just for the inner thighs. It engages your arms, chest, core and glutes.

How to do it:

Start with a full plank position keeping both feet on a folded towel, gliding disc or paper plate. Keep your upper body stable, slide your feet apart while opening your legs as wide as you can. Then slowly squeeze inner thighs to slide your feet back together. Do 2 sets of fifteen reps and take rest between sets.

5) Frog bend

frog-bend-exercise, Inner Thigh Exercises


For those who are travelling or are short on time will find the frog bend easy. There is no need of an equipment.

How to do it:

Lie down faceup with legs extended straight over the hips. Keep your feet flexed, heels together and toes outwards. Slowly bend the knees to the sides and then straighten them up by using your inner thigh muscles. Do 3 sets of twelve reps and take rest between every set.

Try out these 5 Effective Inner Thigh Exercises and see the difference!

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