Lose Weight With Fenugreek Or Methi Seeds

How Can You Lose Weight With Fenugreek Or Methi Seeds?

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Fenugreek or methi is a very commonly used spice in the Indian kitchen. It is used in many forms, such as seeds, fresh leaves and even dried leaves. India is regarded as the largest producer of methi. An Ayurvedic expert has claimed that methi can be regarded as a vegetable (leafy green), a spice and a medicine all at the same time.

fenugreek leaves

Methi seeds are rich in both micro and macro nutrients and can be included in a healthy and nutritious diet. However, currently there are no evidences that say that methi is a magical spice for weight loss.

Methi has been around for hundreds of years for cooking in Europe and Asia. In Indian folk medicine, methi has been used for treating tuberculosis, boils and cellulitis.

You must be aware of the fact that methi seeds have a very unique bitter taste. This is why they are roasted and ground before being used for food.

Nutritional value of methi

Top Health Benefits Of FenugreekMethi Seeds

Methi seeds are low in cholesterol as well as calories. They are a rich source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. A tbsp of methi i.e. 11 g has around 3 g of protein, 6 g of carbs, 3 g of fibre and 1 g of fat.

Lose Weight With Fenugreek Or Methi Seeds

Methi seeds are said to contain a chemical compound called diosgenin. It has been found that this compound present in fenugreek or methi seeds helps in improving glucose metabolism and reducing the number of fat cells in rats.

Indian scientists from the Department of Food Science and Nutrition had added ground fenugreek or methi seeds to chapati flour. Chapati is a high carb food and by adding methi to it, the protein and fibre content increased and there was a decrease in the sugar content and GI of the roti or chapati. Foods with a low GI are assimilated slowly by the body and there is a steady energy flow which is less likely to be added to the fat stores.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

weight loss rules

Fat consumption

Now let us talk about the effect of methi seeds on fat consumption. A study conducted in France fed a set of overweight volunteers with fixed doses of a fenugreek seed extract over a period of 6 weeks. The outcome was that they displayed a change in eating patterns and consumed less amount of fat.

How to consume fenugreek or methi seeds for weight loss?

Fenugreek seeds in warm water

You can simply roast fenugreek or methi seeds and crush them in a mortar to make a fine powder. Consume this powder with warm water on an empty stomach every morning. The powdered seeds can also be added to the dishes you cook.

Fenugreek seeds soaked in water

Fenugreek helps in inducing a feeling of fullness. Just soak one cup of fenugreek seeds in water and let them be soaked overnight. In the morning, filter the seeds out and chew on them on an empty stomach.

For the other health benefits offered by fenugreek of methi seeds click here!

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Low Carb Coconut Milk Green Smoothie

Coconut Milk Green Smoothie

Vegan, Low Carb, Gluten free

After a lot of struggle for trying to stay low carb with the easily available ingredients, I have finally prepared my green smoothie which is just perfect for breakfast as well as evening snack.

After doing Non Vegetarian version of Low carb diet I finally got sick of meats so thought of making vegetarian work for me. This is when I realized that I have homemade frozen coconut milk in freezer… Oh!let me share a secret here, I love to preserve food items. I do it in the form of pickles and frozen.

Some time back I had written a post on how to preserve fresh vegetables… Read here. I love to keep my freezer loaded with green purees, shelled peas, frozen bananas and now the latest craze is to make coconut milk at home and freeze in ice trays for future use.frozen coconut milk cubes

So what I had done, that when I got some real cheap fresh coconuts, I just…

  • grated them
  • blended well with warm water in mixer grinder
  • squeezed well the pulp
  • and froze coconut milk in ice trays in the freezer.
  • Once frozen I just stored the cubes in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

If you are a vegan, or on a low carb diet then these coconut milk cubes are going to be a manna from heaven for you.

Now coming back to my green smoothie…..

Low carb vegan green smoothie ingredients

Low carb vegan green smoothie ingredients

As it’s pretty clear in the picture that I used….

  • 50 gm fresh spinach,
  • 6 almonds
  • 2 tsp Methi sprouts
  • 100 gm cucumber pieces
  • 5 small frozen coconut milk cubes

Just blend everything with some water, salt and black pepper. When you pour the smoothie in tumbler add a dash of lemon juice. On top sprinkle a tsp of chia or flax seeds (I used Chia seeds)

This whole recipe is less than 200 calorie with around 4 Net carbs…Just have a boiled egg and you will be good to go for the day. Perfect breakfast.

Coconut Milk Green Smoothie

coconut milk green smoothie

I am going to add some variations like add Mung sprouts, a bit of apple or may be a few berries… What do you plan to add in it… do share…

Love all and have a healthy life.

Hope you would try this nutritious Coconut Milk Green Smoothie!

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High Altitude Training Mask – Does It Really Work?

High Altitude Training Mask – Does It Work?

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A new training fad is doing the rounds these days – working out with a high altitude training mask! You can see many masked dudes and dudettes working out in the gym. Initially you must have got scared but later you would have mustered up the courage to ask about the story behind the mask!

high altitude training mask

The high altitude training mask makes breathing harder but does this equate to an improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness? Is there any benefit of training with the mask? Does it simulate low oxygen at high altitudes? Let us find out! Keep reading!

The plain truth of the high-altitude training mask

These masks do not simulate high altitude. So, what is the use? Apart from this, some individuals wear them while doing anaerobic exercises such as resistance training, which don’t require oxygen. A completely different energy system is required for anaerobic exercises. Thereby, the usage of masks is rendered worthless!

high altitude training mask workout

Why high altitude training mask do not simulate altitude?

The reason behind this is that at higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure gets reduced. The total units of oxygen per a given area (partial pressure of oxygen) also get reduced. Simply put, air at higher altitudes is thinner and that is why it becomes difficult to breathe. As a result, there is a reduction on oxygenation of the blood and it leads to less amount of oxygen being transported to working muscles.

When exposed to lower partial pressure at a height, the body increases the content of myoglobin/hemoglobin and the density of capillaries. This consequently increases the transportation of oxygen to muscles. These adaptations made by the body improve your performance. However, what you need to know is that this takes weeks or even months of living and working out at high altitudes. 40 mins of rowing with a mask on your face at the gym will do nothing!

This clears that restricting air intake by a mask is totally different from the reduced partial pressure of air at higher altitudes. People with knowledge of physiology will never support the claim that elevation masks increase hemoglobin.

Elevation masks do not change the incoming air’s partial pressure. What they do is just reduce the airflow to the lungs. It is like running with a pillow strapped to your face ?

There are some people who wear a high altitude training mask while weight lifting as mentioned above. This practice cannot be called a wise one. There is no scientific evidence that says masks are beneficial for those who do weight lifting or resistance training. You will be actually able to perform better at workouts when you breathe freely.

Living at altitudes can help?

Living at high altitudes can make your body produce more red blood cells in order to increase its oxygen carrying capabilities. This is because the air up there is thinner. This increase in oxygen can give power to your aerobic workouts. However, your performance will be poor if you do training at high altitudes.

The bottom line

There is no evidence of any kind of physiological benefit by wearing a high altitude training mask while working out. You need not spend a fortune on them!

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Indian Weight Loss Blog and Indian Weight Loss Coach proudly launches a special walk program for all those who want to take those 10,000 steps which are considered essential for an active life and to lose weight.

join walk plan


Are you upset that you are not able to walk as much as you should be walking?

Have you joined a weight loss program and your mentor is telling you to increase steps?

Are you the one who is finding new excuses on a daily basis to ‘not’ walk as much as you should?

Are you thinking about how to make a walk plan so that you can walk more than 10000 to 20000 steps on a daily basis?

Well, here is a walk plan for you all to help you start and progress with your step count.

In the next 30 days, you can better your health by walking. Yes you heard it right, walking, just walking.

You might be a couch potato, a slow walker or someone struggling to do HIIT, this plan is going to help everyone. It is a walk plan which can help you increase your steps and burn more daily, remember when it’s about your health, each step counts.

Starting Point


Let’s presume you are not an active person and on a normal day you walk only 2000 steps a day before you begin the routine. Now every single day, you’re going to add from 250 to 500 steps as per the plan.

By the end of the fourth week, that is the 28th day, you will be walking 10,000 steps which is roughly 5 miles. If you don’t reach 10,000 steps at the end of the 28th day, it’s perfectly fine as we have given two days extra and made it a 30 days plan. So, Just keep moving and hit the 10,000 steps target in 30 days.


If you feel that you lack time, the weather is bad or with your job you cannot do it, then I am sorry, but you are making excuses. Where there is a will there is a way.   Here are some ideas to squeeze in your steps:

  • Walk inside your office building during washroom break or lunch and tea/coffee break
  • Use a treadmill to complete steps.
  • On weekends, go to the mall or market and walk around with your pedometer/mobile App/fitness band.
  • Working in kitchen, boiling milk, taking a shower…. do spot walking.
  • If you are a home maker and can’t miss your daily soaps, don’t sit watching those shows… do spot walking. Aim is to keep adding to your target step count for the day.

Remember nothing is impossible, if you can think of it, you can do it.

Now come on get up and get going…. Start your


You can join our free weight loss support group on Facebook here…Click!

Hope you are all excited about the IWLC WALK 30 PROGRAM ™ ‘2K-10K’ FOR BEGINNERS!

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