How Lack Of Sleep Makes You Overeat?

How Lack Of Sleep Makes You Overeat?

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How is your sleep pattern? Are you deprived of sleep or are oversleeping? Well, this post for those who sleep less than they need to and the after effects.

You must have noticed that when you are deprived of a good night’s sleep, you feel a lot hungrier the following day. Research says that this connection is true. However, you would probably not know the amount of extra calories you are consuming. Keep reading to find out how lack of sleep makes you overeat!

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Researchers have published a new study and have counted the number of extra calories consumed by those who are sleep deprived. In the recent times, sufficient sleep, along with diet and exercise, has emerged as a third factor to control weight. Studies done before have linked lack of sleep with type 2 diabetes and obesity. However, this is the first time that a research has been done to calculate the caloric effect of sleep deprivation.

In the study, the researchers pooled results from 11 studies carried out previously that looked at partial sleep deprivation and consumption of calories. The term ‘partial sleep deprivation’ means that people were deprived of sleep for a part of the night and not for the whole night. Partial sleep deprivation can affect sleep quantity and also the sleep quality.

The study involved 172 individuals (both male and female) between the ages of 18 and 50, who were either of a healthy weight, were overweight or obese. All the studies had control groups of individuals who got enough sleep i.e. between 7 and 12 hours at night. Individuals in the sleep deprived group reported a sleep of 3 ½ to 5 ½ hours in bed.

The researchers discovered that the sleep deprived group consumed 385 calories extra on an average per day. This is equivalent to four and a half slices of bread! It is close to one-fifth of the energy needs of a 30 year old woman who stays moderately active. The consumption of fat was more and that of protein was less. Carb consumption stayed the same roughly.

Researchers of other studies are of the opinion that a lack of sleep can affect the hunger hormones namely, leptin and ghrelin. However, the researchers of the current study have a different explanation. They say that the tired overeat because they are on a look out for pleasure.

Another expert at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City has the same suspicion. The sleep deprived individuals have the urge to binge as they are jittery and unable to satisfy their anxiety.

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The study has also found that staying up late does not help in burning extra calories. It has been suggested that not getting enough sleep for a longer time period can lead to weight gain. The studies did not last for more than 2 weeks and hence it was not possible to find out if the extra calories equated to extra kilos too.

The researchers are now carrying out a study with those who don’t get enough sleep regularly to see the effect on their weight. They want to do more research on sleep and find out if there is any remedy for the risk of obesity and diabetes. This point is quite relevant in this era where people follow the trend of sleeping for less number of hours.

The fact that needs to be driven down is that you should make sure that you catch enough hours of zzzzz and stay fit!

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Join Our Healthy for the Holidays Fitness Plan


Good news! You can meet all of your commitments from now until New Year’s and still squeeze in your workouts. In fact, working out might help you survive the holiday season. Best of all, we’re here to help!

Instead of tossing your healthy lifestyle aside, we’re challenging you to join us for our Healthy for the Holidays plan, designed to help you maintain your healthy habits (without deprivation or going to extremes!) for the next four weeks. You. Can. Do. This.

Here’s how it works: Simply follow our recommended weekly workout rotation below. Each suggested daily workout is 20 minutes or less — making it easy to fit in fitness, even with a hectic schedule. You can follow along with our workout videos or do your own workout, so long as you get your daily dose! Here’s a preview…

The Healthy for the Holidays Weekly Workout Plan

Repeat the schedule below for the next four weeks (and add your own workouts whenever you like). Remember to check in with us daily on the blog or on social media, so we can cheer you on. Tag @MyFitnessPal, and use the hashtag #MyFitnessPal.

Feel free to start Day 1 on Sunday or Monday, whatever day works best for your weekly routine:

Day 1:  Indoor Cardio Workout

Day 2: Total Body Training

Day 3: A.B.S. (Abs, Back + Stability)

Day 4: Interval Training

Day 5: Stretch + Relax

Day 6: Wild Card Workout (optional)

Try something new! Join a friend for a new fitness class, ski with your partner, speed walk in the mall. Think outside of the box, and challenge your body with something different.

Day 7: Active Rest Day

Enjoy a day off but stay active by walking, cleaning, dancing, playing with the kids — and remember: Holiday shopping counts!

Tell us you’re in!

Leave us a comment below and let us know that you’ll be joining in on this series. You can also check in on social media using the hashtag #MyFitnessPal (also tag @MyFitnessPal). We’re here to support each other and be accountable. Don’t be shy, we’re all in this together!

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How to Stay Healthy When Literally Everyone Around You Is Sick


Welcome to cold and flu season, the time of year where not only do you have to drag yourself out of bed while it’s dark and foreboding outside, but you also have to sit in an office listening to a chorus of coughing and sneezing all day long. It’s only a matter of time until you catch that bug making its way from one end of your workplace to the other. But luckily, whether or not you get sick doesn’t have to be left completely up to chance. There are some things you can do to help keep you from suffering the same snotty fate as your co-workers—though, you can never be 100 percent in the clear.

First, you need to accept the reality of the situation: Germs spread like wildfire in an office or other common space. “When people sneeze, cough or even talk, they are spreading little droplets that can contain influenza and other viruses,” Romney M. Humphries, Ph.D., section chief of clinical microbiology and an assistant professor in the department of pathology and laboratory medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, tells SELF. These droplets become airborne and then settle on surfaces. Depending on what virus or bacteria a person has, you may not even need to interact with them to catch their germs in a shared space. Some bacteria and viruses, like the flu, for example, can survive on hard surfaces for at least a day, Humphries says. “Other viruses and bacteria don’t do well once they are outside the human body, and die quickly in the environment.”

Instead of accepting that you’ll just become sick and miserable, here are six things you can do to avoid getting sick when everyone you know is.

1. Wash your hands more.

“This is the best way to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent spread of germs to others,” Humphries says. (Follow these steps to make sure you’re doing it effectively.) The goal is to kill any germs you touch before they make their way to your mucous membranes—eyes and nose—where they can set up shop and make you ill. If you can’t get up and wash your hands easily throughout the day, “using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a good alternative,” says Humphries.

2. Avoid touching your face.

Specifically, your eyes and nose. Touching germs and then these areas gives said germs easy access into your body. So wash those hands and avoid the temptation to touch to make it harder for them to find an entry point.

3. Wipe down your work surface.

“This will help prevent the buildup of germs and reduce the chances of you getting exposed,” Humphries explains. Use a disinfecting wipe to clean off your workspace twice a day in the middle of flu season.

4. Get vaccinated.

This only helps with the flu, not a cold or other random viruses. But the flu is kind of a big deal. “This is the easiest, most effective way to protect yourself against getting sick,” Humphries says. “Flu vaccines cause your body to make antibodies against the flu. It’s important to get vaccinated annually, because the flu viruses change a lot year-to-year, and last year’s vaccine will not protect you.” It’s still possible to get the flu if you’ve been vaccinated, but it’s often much milder.

5. Get more sleep.

Having a healthy immune system that helps your body fight off invading germs is another important way to stay healthy. “In general, trying to live a healthy lifestyle can improve your immune system and help prevent you from getting sick,” Humphries says. One important part of that is getting enough sleep. “The number one thing you could be doing is getting enough sleep,” Anthony Lyon, M.D., medical director of The Ash Center in NYC, tells SELF. When you don’t prioritize sleep and push yourself too hard, your body is less prepared to fight back against bacteria and viruses, and you get sick more easily. If you’re a restless sleeper or have trouble winding down at night, Lyon suggests practicing deep-breathing meditation.

6. And remember that healthy habits = healthy life.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly can also have a positive impact on your immune system and put you in the best position possible to stay healthy. So when everyone around you is ill, let that be a reminder to keep up with your fitness routine (yes, even when it’s cold outside) and fueling your body for the good fight. Don’t overdo it, though. Pushing yourself too hard can actually run down your immune system and make you more susceptible—so no two-a-days, OK?

Even if you do all of these things, chances are you’re not going to make it through these months completely unscathed. Humphries points out that this is especially true if you have kids. If and when you do get sick, focus on taking care of yourself (read: lots of sleep and tea) and don’t be afraid to use your sick days if you have them. “Taking the time off to get better will help you get better sooner and miss less work in the long run,” says Humphries.

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MyFitnessPal’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the Techie

techie-hero-image-cropIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, and your favorite techie is dreaming of the latest and hottest gadgets. But with all the options out there (and your busy schedule), how are you to know what’s worth the money and what’ll need a gift receipt?

Don’t worry, we took care of the research for you. We compiled a list of the coolest devices we could find to help your tech-obsessed friend or family member live an easier, healthier, safer and all-around more fun life.


Beddi Smart Alarm Clock

$ 99

Waking up is hard. Getting out of bed is even harder. Luckily, Beddi can help.

This app-enabled smart alarm clock’s sunrise simulator gradually brightens the room to gently rouse her from sleep and plays her favorite Spotify playlist instead of that blaring beep beep from a traditional alarm. The clock also informs her of the local weather forecast and traffic conditions, so she knows exactly what she’s in for when she leaves the house.

But waking her up isn’t the only thing this smart alarm can do. Your techie can connect the clock to multiple devices around the home, such as lights or the coffee maker, adjusting them by either pushing a button or setting a timer. It can even hail an Uber and alert her when the driver has arrived. Smart alarm? More like genius alarm.


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