Quick & Delicious Roasted Carrot Butter


You know everything there is to know about peanut butter and you’ve enjoyed it in all the usual places: spread on toast under jam, on bananas, over crackers, stirred into oatmeal, and off the spoon straight from the jar. But what do you know about carrot butter? 

Roasted carrots blended with creamy macadamia nuts and a few extras make a sweet and savory alternative to your typical nut butter. Plus, using carrots adds a little color, flavor and a whole lot of healthy nutrients to your regular old toast routine. Try spreading carrot butter on toast, dolloping it on top of salads, in rice bowls, oatmeal and over spring pastas. You can even serve it with crackers and cheese.

Chances are you already have most of the ingredients you’ll need to make this. Choose the freshest, most crisp, sweet carrots you can find, then roast, blend and enjoy.

Quick & Delicious Roasted Carrot Butter

Makes one 12-ounce jar



  • 5–6 large carrots, roasted w/ stems cut off and chopped
  • 3/4 cup macadamia nuts (preferably raw) or raw cashews
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, plus more for roasting
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Fine-grain sea salt to taste (roughly 1/2 teaspoon)


Preheat oven to 350°F degrees. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper and toss the raw carrots with a bit of olive oil. Sprinkle with sea salt and place on the prepared sheet, baking bake until soft with some charred spots. Let cool slightly. You can also do this the night before you make the butter.

Next, puree the macadamia nuts and oil in a food processor or blender until a butter is formed. You’re looking for a nice smooth mixture with no large chunks (a few little ones are OK). This will take longer than you think; be patient. (If you’re using a Vitamix, you can skip this step and puree all the ingredients together once the carrots are done.)

Once the carrots are cooled, toss them in the food processor with the macadamia nut butter. Add maple syrup and vanilla and puree until a smooth, whipped texture is achieved, stopping to scrape down the sides with a knife as necessary. Salt to taste. Allow to cool before serving, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Nutrition Information

Serves: 12  |  Serving Size: 2 tablespoons

Per serving: Calories: 102; Total Fat: 9g; Saturated Fat: 1g; Monounsaturated Fat: 7g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 118mg; Carbohydrate: 6g; Dietary Fiber: 2g; Sugar: 4g; Protein: 1g

Nutrition Bonus: Potassium: 134mg; Iron: 3%; Vitamin A: 100%; Vitamin C: 3%; Calcium: 2%

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Lifting Weights Regularly Make You Smarter

Lifting Weights Regularly Make You Smarter – Check Out How!

Hello All!!!

Do you work out at the gym? You will be amazed to find out that you get smarter by lifting weights regularly! Yes, a study has confirmed that weight training can make you sharper. Keep reading!

A new study on people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) suggests that lifting weights can make you more intelligent. Yeah, lifting weights regularly make you smarter!

The study conducted by the University of Sydney has shown that increased muscle strength helps in improving the function of the brain in adults having MCI.

People with MCI have a reduced cognitive ability like reduced memory but still are able to lead independent lives. It is a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

The participants of the study were asked to carry out a combination of weight lifting and brain training.

A positive link has been established between the functioning of the brain and resistance training in individuals above 55 with MCI.

On this basis, researchers have recommended that people should lift more weights so that the world’s ageing population is healthier. Researchers also say that by 2050 about 135 million people are expected to suffer from dementia.

Lifting Weights Regularly Make You Smarter

old-lady-weight-training for fitness

A study conducted earlier by the same team of researchers behind this present study showed that the participant’s global cognition significantly improved after weight training whereas on the other hand cognitive training did not do this.

In the follow up study it has been found that an improvement in cognition function has a direct relation with gain in muscle strength. The researchers quoted that

“The stronger people became, the greater the benefit for their brain.”

The study was made random with 100 adults between the age of 55 and 86.

The participants were divided into 4 groups doing either resistance exercise and computerized cognitive training, resistance exercise and placebo computerized training (involves watching nature videos), brain training and placebo exercise programme (seated stretching) or placebo physical exercise and placebo cognitive training.

Individuals doing resistance exercise were prescribed weight lifting workout sessions twice a week for a period of 6 months. They were made to work out to a minimum of 80% of their strength.

As and when they started getting stronger, there was an increase in the amount of weight lifted on each machine so that they maintained workout intensity at 80% of their strength.

old women- gaining weight with age

For the elderly to be healthy it is essential to ensure that they do strength training frequently, minimum twice a week and at a high intensity. This way the brain will get maximum benefit.

It is often seen that the elderly are not mentally well balanced and it is a sad sight especially when this happens to our near and dear ones. There is nothing more consoling than the ray of hope that this study has brought forth.

Hope you now agree that Lifting Weights Regularly Make You Smarter!

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Protein-Packed Cottage Cheese Makes a Comeback

Retro it may be, but there’s no need to mess with a classic. My fridge is never without cottage cheese. Some may consider it a throwback to the dieter’s plate at best or the curds and whey that frightened many away at worst. To the haters I say this: cottage cheese is a delicious, lean protein and a versatile low-fat dairy option. Today there are many brands that put flavor first, capable of knocking the canned pineapple ring right off your grandmother’s dieting block. It’s time for cottage cheese to have its due.

Nutritionally, cottage cheese is your friend. One cup has 28 grams of lean protein, more than twice as much as the same amount of plain yogurt. Calorically they’re about the same; cottage cheese has 160 to yogurt’s 150. It also has less sugar: 3 grams compared to yogurt’s 10. Oh, and don’t be fooled into thinking that cottage cheese is only a mealtime pursuit. It, and other casein-based dairy, can also help you catch your ZZZs. Our curdled queen is not without her drawbacks, however: Cottage cheese has a lot of sodium —about twice as much as yogurt — meaning it might not be right for every diet.


Cottage cheese has more chew than yogurt, which I think makes it feel less like a slurp and more like a meal. On its own, cottage cheese is sublime. But it cannot be beat with cinnamon and sugar or sprinkled with garlic salt. It also adds creaminess and protein when tossed with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and black olives, or just about any other combination of salad vegetables. While it is delicious with any sweet, acidic fruit (peaches and pineapples, we’re talking to you!), it is ethereal scooped into the center of half a cantaloupe — a simple dish far more than the sum of its parts.

Big cottage cheese has taken note of yogurt’s portability and flavors, and the market is starting to update this long-lost cousin. If you were forced to eat cottage cheese as a child, know that its flavor, texture and self-identity have come a long way. Small, regional brands like Cowgirl Creamery, Traders Point, Nancy’s, Kalona SuperNatural and Muuna offer delicious, well-crafted and often organic options that taste great. Single-serving cottage cheese containers are not new, but they are looking for more mass appeal in grab ‘n go snacking. Hood offers single-serving containers in flavors like honey and pear or cucumber and dill. Good Culture’s brand offers single cups flavored with kalamata olive or blueberry acai chia.


In the kitchen, yogurt’s flavor is either sweetened or sour, limiting its play with other foods. But cottage cheese’s wild-by-mild properties make it a cooking ninja, able to play the role of a number of other more high-fat foods. Use it instead of mayonnaise in tuna or egg salad. Try it atop a bagel in place of a cream cheese schmear. Cottage cheese can happily take the place of ricotta, too, drained or as-is, stuffed into pasta, centered into omelets, or stirred into pancakes. Use less butter and sour cream on your baked potato and replace it with — you guessed it — cottage cheese to add some moisture and creaminess. Even cheesecake is a welcome home, as cottage cheese can take the place of the cream cheese in the mix.

No matter how you scoop it, cottage cheese makes a tasty, nutritious mark.

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10 Doctor-Approved Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep [Infographic]

In celebration of Sleep Awareness Week (April 23–29), MyFitnessPal and Thrive Global collaborated to bring you this science-backed sleep advice.

It’s not the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll that’s going to kill you, Keith Richards is proof of that. Surprisingly, the factor which is going to affect the longevity and quality of your life the most is sleep. That’s right, that thing you try to catch up on. The thing you typically sacrifice first when you have a project that needs to get done. Those precious minutes you decide to keep your eyes open are the same thing that keeps them shut forever. Think I’m being melodramatic?

A new study by Maiken Nedergaard and her colleagues at the University of Rochester  illustrates that sleep relaxes the channels in our brain which help ‘wash out’ unwanted waste and proteins. Just as the lymphatic system clears out metabolic waste products from the rest of the body, this system transports waste-laden cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). In the study, it showed channels moving the CSF grew 60% in size while mice slept allowing neurotoxins to be moved out of the brain more quickly and with more efficiency than with less sleep. Here’s why this matters: Many neurological diseases from Alzheimer’s to stroke and dementia are associated with sleep disturbances. The study suggests a lack of sleep plays a role by allowing the byproducts to build up and cause brain damage.

Aside from just feeling better after a good night’s sleep there’s an added bonus: Sleep has been shown to help you shed fat (especially that pudge around the belly), fight off heart disease, maintain a clear mind and optimize every function of your body. Sleep is essential for everyone from the elite athlete to the corporate warrior.

Dr. Emily Kiberd is one of the top chiropractors in midtown Manhattan and founder of the Urban Wellness Clinic. Visit its site for more healthy-sleep tips.


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