4 Healthy Swaps to Help You Lose Weight

Although you work out and stay physically fit, you can always boost your efforts to make healthy choices and stave off extra pounds. To start, try healthy lifestyle swaps like these four below, which can impact your overall well-being.


Why: Research published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests ingesting caffeine hours before nightfall causes a disturbance in sleep. In this study, participants who consumed caffeine up to six hours before bed lost more than an hour of sleep.

The Swap: To avoid the 4 p.m. slump, hit the stairs. A new study published in Physiology & Behavior found that 10 minutes of walking up and down stairs at a regular pace was more likely to make participants feel energized than ingesting 50 milligrams of caffeine. (This is the equivalent to about a cup of green tea (59 mg), two cans of soda (58 mg) or just less than a shot of espresso (63 mg)).


Why: The American Heart Association released a science advisory on the dangers of sedentary behavior. It states that Americans, on average, sit 6–8 hours per day, which leads to all types of health issues, ranging from diabetes to death. Even those who stay active in their personal time don’t have the same problematic health reductions as those who move more.


The Swap: To improve your daily mobility, try switching your smaller work meetings, such as one-on-ones, to walking meetings. “The goal with walking meetings isn’t to sweat up a storm. The goal is just to integrate a little more natural movement into daily life,” says Dani Singer, fitness director of Fit2Go Personal Training in Baltimore, Maryland. “The boost you receive in mood and energy will pay off much higher than the calories you burn.” As added bonuses: research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggests that walking leads to increased creative thinking, and an exploratory study from the Harvard Business Review proposes that walking meetings support better cognitive engagement on the job.


Why: A vacation may not only leave you with extra weight, but it can hang around for six weeks post vacation. In a study published in Physiology & Behavior, participants who took a one- to three-week vacation gained an average of almost 1 pound. To put this amount in perspective, the average American gains 1–2 pounds per year. 

The Swap: Skip the depressing hotel gym and build exercise into your vacation by doing what the locals do. “Different places often have different cultures when it comes to exercise, and trying working out their way can add a fantastic experience to your trip. In India, try yoga; in China, try tai chi,” says Julia Buckley, a trainer in the U.K. and author of “The Fat Burn Revolution.” “Change your mindset from seeing exercise as a chore which you shouldn’t have to do on vacation to thinking of it as something that will enhance your vacation by energizing your body and calming your mind.”



Why: Although the percentage of online shoppers continues to outpace in-person buyers, the statistics show people still prefer brick-and-mortar stores. Retail TouchPoints, an online publishing network for retail executives, conducted a survey of consumers and found that 85% prefer to shop in person because they like to touch and feel products before they purchase; 36% don’t like waiting for items to be delivered and 30% like to receive advice on what products they should purchase.                                                               

The Swap: Park your car far from the front and enjoy the time spent strolling around — you’re burning calories. Use a basket instead of a shopping cart if you’re only picking up a few items. To find out how many calories you’ll burn, use the MapMyRun calorie calculator.  

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Is Buckwheat A Complete Source Of Protein?

Is Buckwheat A Complete Source Of Protein? Find out!

Hello All!!!

Ever thought of adding buckwheat to your diet? It is our very own kuttu that most people eat during religious fasts (vrat). Even though buckwheat does not provide you with as much protein as oats, amaranth or quinoa, it is still a reasonably good source of plant-based protein.

A single cup of uncooked buckwheat has a good 19 g of protein to offer. This meets 40% of the daily need for protein. Now you won’t be eating uncooked buckwheat right? So, you need to know the amount of protein present in a cup of cooked buckwheat. Well, it is 5.7 g that meets 11% of your daily protein needs. This way buckwheat beats corn, millet, brown rice and several other grains in terms of protein content.


What  Makes Buckwheat A Complete Source Of Protein?

Actually, the amount of protein present in buckwheat has nothing to do with what makes it a wonderful source of the macronutrient. It is all about the quality of protein offered that makes this superfood stand out. Buckwheat is a plant-based source of all essential amino acids in good amounts. This makes it a complete source of protein.

The human body cannot synthesize essential amino acids by itself and hence you need to get them through your diet. Those who eat meat on a regular basis get enough amounts of essential amino acids since meat is a great source of complete protein.

Those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet don’t get all of the essential amino acids. In such cases, eating buckwheat is a great option. Apart from eating buckwheat, which is a complete source of protein, vegans and vegetarians can increase the protein content in their meals by combining foods having amino acid profiles that complement each other. You can eat beans with brown rice and corn with wheat (it is up to you!)

Attention Bodybuilders

Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey Gold Standard protein powder

If you are into body building and a seeking to increase your dietary intake of protein to increase muscle growth, you should go in for eggs and whey instead of buckwheat. The reason behind this is that the protein in eggs and whey possess a high digestible score whereas buckwheat, like most pseudograins, has a lower digestibility score.

Now, this does not mean that the protein present in buckwheat does not have health benefits to offer. Due to the low digestibility of buckwheat protein, it offers health benefits similar to fibre. It protects from colon cancer and provides relief from constipation.

Nutritional profile of buckwheat groats

Apart from containing all the essential amino acids, buckwheat has loads of other nutrients too. It is a rich source of B vitamins which include thiamin, niacin, folate, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. The minerals it contains include magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, potassium, manganese and selenium. It is also a good source of iron. One cup of cooked buckwheat offer 7% of the DV (Daily Value) of iron.

So, what do you think about including buckwheat or kuttu in your food?

Hope you liked reading- ‘Buckwheat A Complete Source Of Protein’

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7 Quick-Packing Picnic Tips

There are a few months out of the year when that mountain vista, grassy knoll, local park bench and rooftop make suitable dining rooms. The next time you have the romantic (and relaxing!) urge to “eat out,” don’t reach for a bucket of greasy fried chicken or limp grocery store sandwiches. With these healthy, easy-to-make, quick-pack formulas, you’ll be out the door and dining healthfully al fresco in no time!

Before you go, here are seven tips to optimize your picnic basket:


  • Stuffy serving pieces. Pick disposable wrappings, lightweight, bio-friendly wrappings or plastic tupperware. You can even use a small serving bowl, tie a kitchen towel over it and carry it with you.
  • Fancy recipes that require hours of prep. Sometimes the best way to picnic is to raid the fridge for pickles, cheese, leftover cold cuts and the rest of that loaf of bread.


  • You’re leaving the fridge (and the A/C) at home. Even if you bring a cooler, you won’t be able to keep your spread chilled while you dine, so choose foods that won’t wilt, spoil or mind being out a little while.
  • To keep it simple. One-bowl meals, dips and finger foods are picnic blanket friendly and mean you can crash in the grass or set up on a table without much forethought.
  • To bring utensils, bowls and a board. There’s nothing worse than packing a beautiful one-bowl meal and realizing you forgot forks, bowls or spoons. A small, portable cutting board that fits in your basket, a pocket knife for cutting. Plastic dinnerware comes in handy, too.
  • To keep it fresh. Packing fruits, veggies and foods in their original state makes for an easier picnic.


Fresh produce is always ready, and there’s very little you need to do other than load it in your basket. When you’re eating “out,” fresh produce is a great menu move because your dishes won’t spoil, veggies are easy to eat and they capitalize on the bounty of summer and great weather that lured you outside in the first place. Our best ideas for fresh veggies and fruits in your picnic basket:

  • Slice fresh tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and peppers and serve with a healthy bean dip, hummus or guacamole.
  • Chop up watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew, combine with a few torn mint leaves and sprinkle with salt.
  • Bust out a big salad. Choose kale or chard for salads. These greens can stand up to warmer dinner tables. Spring greens and other delicate leaves wilt under even light dressings in warmer weather making your perky salad soggy.
  • Serve avocados on the “half shell.” Scoop out the buttery meat and serve on crackers with salt.
  • Roughly chop peaches, tomatoes and plums. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon, sprinkle with basil and add chunks of bread for a picnic-ready panzanella.



Salami, prosciutto and other cured-meats are a nice way to start your meal without worrying about spoilage (or messy cleanup and transport). A rotisserie chicken is an easy, finger-friendly way to add protein, too, though it can’t live outside of temperature control for very long.  Beans, nuts and eggs are also great choices since their spoiling points are a bit less sensitive. A few protein-packed picnic ideas:

  • Mix up a bean salad with freshly cooked or canned white beans, black beans or lentils. Drain the beans, drizzle with olive oil and lemon and add a sprinkle of salt and fresh herbs. Serve with crackers or toss into your salad!
  • Make a dip with those same beans by pureeing in a blender or food processor, seasoning with whatever favorite spices, salt and pepper you have on hand. Serve with chopped veggies.
  • Put an egg on it. (Or in it.) Mix up an egg salad for sandwiches, mash up hard-boiled eggs and toss into salads, or carry the little hard-boiled eggs on their own and eat with salt and pepper. (Stay away from poached or fried eggs. No one wants yolks in their picnic basket.)
  • Stack a sando. Is there anything more summery than a fresh BLT? Make up sandwiches with your favorite meats and cheeses before you leave to picnic for the easiest and ultimate in picnic packing (and cleanup!) ease.


Almost  any carbohydrate is easy to pack and can be combined with veggies and proteins to make a picnic-friendly meal. Potatoes, polenta, cooled cooked rice, pasta, quinoa or even crusty loaves of bread fit the bill — no worrying about spoilage in this macronutrient department! Here are some of our tastiest meal-making ideas:

  • Cook and cool your favorite pasta, rice or grain. Toss into a big salad with hearty greens, fresh veggies and beans to complete the meal. (Add seeds or nuts for texture, top with your favorite easy dressing!)
  • Whip up a bowl of potato salad. Using olive oil instead of mayo helps your salad last longer al fresco.
  • Toss a box of whole-grain crackers or crusty bread into your picnic basket. Serve with bean dips, use to scoop up bean salads or eat with fresh veggies and eggs.


When it comes to eating outside, not all fats are created equal. Choose healthy fats that won’t melt or change composition when the temperature rises. Leave the butter at home and opt instead for healthy drizzles of olive oil, avocado oil or your favorite nut oil for flavor. Avocados and fresh cheese are a great way to add texture to your meals without the melty-ness.


Packable desserts are awesome but typically require extra forethought to prepare. Pass up the pre-packaged sweets and stuff a couple of 70% dark chocolate bars into your basket, or bring a pint of fresh berries or stone fruits to slice and share. These sweets are simple and easy to enjoy as you’re gathering around your picnic blanket, celebrating a meal well served.

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Remember That Time You Thought You Were Fat? 5 Tips for a New Healthy Outlook

I was recently going through a box of pictures (back when I used to get pics printed) and came across a picture from my senior year of high school. I looked great, had a smile on my face and seemed happy, but I can actually remember every detail. I was going to a school athletic awards banquet. I was 17 and the captain of my volleyball and softball teams (not the most popular sports at my prep school in Greenwich, Connecticut). I even remember what I was thinking, “Why am I so fat? … If only I was 5-pounds lighter, I’d be so happy.”

And that was high school!

I wish I could say those negative thoughts were something I left behind in high school, but the truth is they’ve followed me into adulthood. I still think the “if I just lost another 5 pounds …” thoughts, but they are fewer and further between.

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and laughed (or cried) because you remember thinking or telling yourself you were fat or not good enough and now you would do anything just to get back to that point?

Thanks to spending more time with myself and learning to better love the entirety of myself, I’ve finally realized I need to stop trying to chase the past and instead focus on being healthy, happy and feeling good. You can certainly be overweight and healthy, but you need to take care of yourself inside and out.

If you’re stuck wishing you could turn back the hands of time, here are five tips to readjust your perspective and mindset moving forward:


Your weight can be affected by so many things: salt intake, sleep, water intake, bathroom habits, your cycle (for women) just to name a few. For this reason, you should treat weight as an indicator and not the end all be all.

As mentioned above, you can be overweight and happy, but think about the many other indicators of health. Ask yourself:  How do I actually feel? Am I run down? Am I unhappy with how I look? Does my body ache? If so, it’s time for a change. And I don’t just mean weight loss, I mean taking care of yourself. Eating well, exercising, sleeping and taking care of your mental health are all key components of health. Take the time to regularly think about how you are doing on all fronts, not just the scale.



Knock negative thoughts out by overloading on positive ones. Think about how phenomenal you are! What do you like about you? What do those in your inner circle like about you? Write down your positive thoughts and read them back on the days when all you can think of are the downers. Write about what makes you happy, the things you want to accomplish and how you plan to achieve them. You may want to play a little Nina Simone to boost those feel good vibes.


Write your goals down. Better yet, log them in the MyFitnessPal app so you can literally watch your journey on a chart. Think about how far you’ve come and where you want to go. If you are having trouble getting rid of the destructive negative thoughts, it’s time to talk to a professional.

I’ve currently got a 22-day streak on MyFitnessPal … I know that’s not a huge number compared to people like Carla (who’s logged more than 1K days in a row!), but for me it’s rewarding to log in and see that reminder. I find it even more motivating because people who consistently track their nutrition and physical activity are more likely be be successful. One study showed people who logged their meals for six months lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t.

Please pass me my phone, immediately … I need to log now!


If I calculated it, I’ve probably gained and lost the equivalent weight of the starting lineup for a team in the NBA. Sigh.

The truth is, preventing weight gain once you’ve hit your goal can sometimes be the hardest part. Studies show only about 20% of overweight people who accomplish their weight-loss goals maintain that loss for at least one year. Set yourself up for success, but stay focused and don’t beat yourself up if you gain, because you are not alone in striving to accomplish your goals.



Whether you’ve had a baby, recovered from surgery or just got over a cold, use those as reminders your body is capable of awe-inspiring things: Your body is an extraordinary machine and you sit in the driver’s seat. You are, to a large extent, in control of what your body looks like and how it performs based on how you treat it. Make the decision to hop on the elliptical, run around the block or increase your intake of fruits and veggies because those choices have a direct effect on your health.

Keep flipping through the photo albums, but remember you only have one body. As you age your body will, too. Adjust your goals accordingly. Stop trying to chase your high school, pre-wedding or pre-baby weight. Instead focus on the weight that’s right for you at this point in your life.


I want to hear from you! Have you ever looked at an old picture of yourself and wished you would have just appreciated and loved yourself and your body? How do you keep things in perspective? Share your story in the comments below, I look forward to reading what you have to say!

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