What a Healthy Summer BBQ Plate Looks Like [Infographic]

Navigating summer barbecues may seem like a daunting task when you’re trying not to undo all the healthy eating you’ve been doing all winter long. Yes, you can still be swimsuit-ready and enjoy poolside parties without going overboard on calories. Below you’ll find examples of what a healthy, but satisfying, summer cookout plate looks like at four different calorie counts.

First, some quick tips: Make sure at least half your plate is filled with fruits and veggies, then add protein and a whole grain or starchy vegetable if you’d like. Grilled chicken and fish are great lean protein options, too, but don’t deny yourself that hot dog or burger if you’re craving it. Most important, pay attention to portion sizes. We won’t tell you to avoid potato salad at all costs or swear off any food you really love; just stick to reasonable portions and make sure you’ve got veggies and protein mixed in.

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10 Healthy Swaps to Save You 200 Calories [Infographic]

Shaving 200  calories might not seem like a whole lot, but cutting this seemingly small amount from your daily intake can lead to gradual, but noticeable changes. In fact, it can help you lose 1 1/2–2 pounds each month if you do it right. (Remember: A pound is roughly equivalent to 3,500 calories.) Check out these simple 200-calorie swaps that are so simple, your taste buds might not even notice.


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Healthier Snack Swaps at the Movies [Infographic]

A trip to the movie theater seems to be synonymous with snacking — chewy chocolate, bubbly soda and, of course, salty, buttery popcorn. The good news is that no matter how strong your movie snack cravings are, these healthier food swaps save you a ton of fat and calories without sacrificing all the flavor and fun. Let the show begin!

Written by Alexis Joseph, a Columbus-based lifestyle coach and media personality specializing in nutrition communications, eating happy and balanced living. She founded Hummusapien, a multi-faceted food, wellness and lifestyle brand in 2011 and co-founded Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe in 2014.

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10 Doctor-Approved Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep [Infographic]

In celebration of Sleep Awareness Week (April 23–29), MyFitnessPal and Thrive Global collaborated to bring you this science-backed sleep advice.

It’s not the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll that’s going to kill you, Keith Richards is proof of that. Surprisingly, the factor which is going to affect the longevity and quality of your life the most is sleep. That’s right, that thing you try to catch up on. The thing you typically sacrifice first when you have a project that needs to get done. Those precious minutes you decide to keep your eyes open are the same thing that keeps them shut forever. Think I’m being melodramatic?

A new study by Maiken Nedergaard and her colleagues at the University of Rochester  illustrates that sleep relaxes the channels in our brain which help ‘wash out’ unwanted waste and proteins. Just as the lymphatic system clears out metabolic waste products from the rest of the body, this system transports waste-laden cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). In the study, it showed channels moving the CSF grew 60% in size while mice slept allowing neurotoxins to be moved out of the brain more quickly and with more efficiency than with less sleep. Here’s why this matters: Many neurological diseases from Alzheimer’s to stroke and dementia are associated with sleep disturbances. The study suggests a lack of sleep plays a role by allowing the byproducts to build up and cause brain damage.

Aside from just feeling better after a good night’s sleep there’s an added bonus: Sleep has been shown to help you shed fat (especially that pudge around the belly), fight off heart disease, maintain a clear mind and optimize every function of your body. Sleep is essential for everyone from the elite athlete to the corporate warrior.

Dr. Emily Kiberd is one of the top chiropractors in midtown Manhattan and founder of the Urban Wellness Clinic. Visit its site for more healthy-sleep tips.


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