Right Way Of Walking For Weight Loss

Find Out The Right Way Of Walking For Weight Loss

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Are you aware of the fact that being inactive for more than four hours will slow down your metabolism and your body will start storing fat? Suppose you have a sedentary work life that demands you to sit for long hours, you will surely put on weight around your stomach and hip. In order to avoid this, walking is something that you have to do. Walking is basically a cardio exercise but most people resort to it for weight loss. Have you ever paused and wondered whether the way you walk is helping you lose weight or not?

women walking- How To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

Here are a few tips to take into account when it comes to the right way of walking for weight loss

1) Take smaller steps

We usually start taking bigger steps subconsciously and that is like moving ahead to cover more distance. However, this is a bad idea as it can cause a lot of strain on your shins and feet. You should be taking smaller steps instead and quicken your pace. Maintain a moderate pace and walk for about 30 mins to 60 mins.

2) Increase the distance

If you walk more, your workout will be a better one. Increase the distance each day by half a kilometer. You can comfortably do so. For those who have just started walking, this will be helpful in building leg muscles.

3) Stretch before a walk

stretching can hurt you 1

Before your walk, you should always stretch nicely so that you loosen up your muscles of not just your legs but that of the whole body. This is helpful in getting rid of the muscle soreness the next morning. Post walk stretching is also recommended.

4) Pay heed to your pace

You must be wondering how quick is quick. First, remember not to stroll. You should be walking fast enough so that you can speak but your breathing should be harder than usual. As the weeks pass by, you need to increase your pace because you are getting stronger.

5) Moving your limbs

You should not walk like a robot. Let the shoulders move naturally and swing your arms freely. Don’t keep them tight by your side. Keep your elbows closer to yourself and don’t look down while walking. Your chin should be parallel to the ground.

6) Take a break

You should not force yourself to walk every day. Take a break once in a week as your body needs rest. If you still want to work out on the day you are not walking, try a hand at upper body workouts.

7) Pay attention to what you eat

how many calories

You must keep an eye on your food intake too especially the calories part. 1200 calories a day is enough for women and 1500 to 1600 for active women and men.

8) Keep a track of your progress

Get some digital assistance to find out how well you are actually doing. A pedometer can help you in tracking distance and time so that you know much you have walked on a certain day.

9) Give it a mix

You need a variety in your walking schedule? You can revise your workout a little bit. One day you can keep your pace slow but cover more ground and the next day you can walk fast for a shorter distance. This way you won’t feel bored at all.

10) Control post-walk eating

You have walked for a long distance and are hungry. What to do now? You can probably double up your food portions! DON’T! Initially you might not be able to ignore the hunger pangs after a long walk but in place of a heavy meal, go in for a salad or a fruit.

Hope this post on The Right Way Of Walking For Weight Loss has been useful!

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Why Just Will Power Is Not Enough For Weight Loss?

Why Just Will Power Is Not Enough For Weight Loss?

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Most often people blame their inability to lose weight on the lack of will power. Sad as it may seem, relying on your will power alone to lose weight is not practical and not even sustainable.

Your ‘will’ alone cannot help you reach your weight loss goal. Just will power is not enough for weight loss. For lasting weight loss, you need sustainable behaviour changes and a relationship with food that is healthy. These two things are simply nonnegotiable if you are looking for a way to reach your ‘happy weight’.

With will power alone, you may initially lose weight but if you don’t adopt a sustainable behaviour and a good relationship with food, you will simply gain back all the weight you lost. This way you will end up being sad!

Motivation and will power will help in kick-starting your health journey but it won’t take you too far. We are humans after all and we need a realistic plan in order to keep going.


Here is what you should be doing for lasting results!

1) Don’t fall for weight loss gimmicks

You should avoid products or diet plans that say that you can slim down in 5 days by drinking just a juice or buy completely shunning carbs. Anything that is super extreme is far away from a balanced diet and is just a quick fix. Any weight lost with the help of shortcuts is regained in no time. The bottom line is that you won’t get lasting results with these gimmicks.

2) Eat foods that are healthy as well as fun!

Pizza, ice-cream, creamy cold coffee and other yummy foods are often off the list when you are on a weight loss diet. However, this is not the best strategy for a long lasting loss of weight. Doing so will lead to lots of cravings or probably binge eating. Instead of avoiding them as plague, you can allow yourself to have a little bit of them once in a blue moon!

3) Your weight goals must be achievable

smart-goals willpower

You cannot lose weight overnight or in a few days. If someone is offering you rapid weight loss, just turn around and run away. Weight loss of more than half  to 1 kilo a week is not sustainable for many. Make sure that your goals are achievable. You need to measure things and keep re-evaluating your goal every week to stay on track.

4) Learn to differentiate hunger and fullness

Half of your weight loss battle is won when you know what, when and how much you should eat. The great news is that you can use the internal hunger and fullness cues of the body as a guide. Those who are able to keep weight off without dieting have already mastered this tool.

5) Have an answer to your ‘why’

Are you aware of the reason behind your urge to lose weight and get fit? You need to turn your motivations into something more than just will power. You have to turn them into purpose. You must write this down to give your goals more meaning.

The next time if you have trouble reaching your goals, or feel as if you have failed, take the actions that are sustainable and long lasting as above mentioned.

Now do you feel that Just Will Power Is Not Enough For Weight Loss?

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4 Simple Stretches For Weight Loss

4 Simple Stretches For Weight Loss

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Want to get in shape? You need to get moving! You must have heard this umpteen times but I am going to repeat it once again. Yes, you need to exercise to burn calories. It is well known that along with exercise you should do stretching too. Exercising and stretching are the 2 best things for weight loss.

Simple Stretches at work

Now when it comes to the time you need to invest for a fit body, it is not much. Just invest a few hours a day and don’t push yourself beyond a certain limit. This way you will be sorted. Working out at home can be helpful on days when you don’t have the time to go to the gym.

stretching can hurt you 1

Are you totally clueless about working out at home? Well, you shouldn’t be if you have been reading our blog as we have been posting so much about exercises that you can do without any equipments! However, we welcome the new readers with open arms and present a few stretches that work really well in weight loss.

Here are some stretches for weight loss that you can very well do at home:

1) Stretch hands up and inhale

Stretching your hands up and inhaling is beneficial in 2 ways when done every morning. First, it releases the stress and fatigue present inside you each morning. Secondly, you burn a lot of fat when your hands are stretched upwards and you inhale and then release the breath. Do you know doing so for 20 to 30 times a day will burn more number of calories than an hour long walk will?

2) Stretch legs in different directions

If you want to get rid of thigh fat, there is a stretch for you! This particular stretch involves stretching your legs in different directions as much as possible. You need to hold this for 5 secs and later release. Keep doing this every day 25 times and see the results.

3) Run stretch

Run stretch is the best thing you can do if you want to lose weight quickly. Simply stretch your arms up, tighten your legs and then try to run slowly. Even when you run for 30 mins a day, you will be able to see a huge difference in a matter of a month.

4) Boxing stretch

When you have a lot of fat in your arms and shoulder, you can get rid of it with the help of boxing stretch. The boxing stretch is a sure shot way of losing fat. You need to try boxing with one hand after the other and keep stretching it as far as possible. This way you will surely shed weight from your arms.

So, this was all about the stretches to help you lose weight. These tries and tested stretches have helped a lot of people in shedding unwanted weight. Keep doing them on a daily basis and see the magic. Do let us know how much weight you lost!

Hope you liked this post on stretches for weight loss!

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Simple Rules For Winter Weight Loss

Rules For Winter Weight Loss – Check Them Out!

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Most people feel that when winter arrives, the weighing scale starts reflecting it. Weight gain seems to be common in winters. It can probably be due to the fact that you are de-motivated to workout. The biting cold makes it difficult to head outdoors for a workout. It would be rather easier to coil up on the couch and watch TV.

Sounds like bad news? Nope! This so called ‘winter weight gain’ is a myth. Don’t let this winter weight gain myth depress you! It is very much possible to lose weight during winter months.

winter-weight-loss-exercise, Winter Weight Loss

Here are the rules for winter weight loss

Shorten your exercise session

A cold day may make you feel lazy and groggy! However, don’t skip a workout because it is too cold. Instead of skipping it you can go in for a shorter exercise session. Can’t head to the gym? Fine! Just work out at home for about 20 mins. Here is how you can workout at the comfort of your own home – click. See what kind of a workout suits you.

Try out indoor activities

The days get shorter and chilly during winters but you can stay indoors and try out new kinds of indoor activities. Go ahead and try martial arts, they can double up as self defence moves too! Hot Yoga is another good idea during winters as it will warm you up inside out.

Keep wearing your activity tracker

Fitness-tracker 1

When winters arrive, your activity levels go down. You might even be wearing your activity tracker inconsistently. However, remember that winters are the right time for using these trackers. It will remind you of the fact that you have not been moving around. The best deal would be to get the ideal 10,000 steps a day workout.

Load your plate with protein

When you load your plate with protein rich foods you are taking the right step towards weight loss! Protein is known to keep you full for a longer time period and also helps in keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Make sure that your snacks also have a minimum of 10 g of protein. Check out the list of protein rich foods for vegetarians– click

Drink lots of fluids


It is said that most of us may be dehydrated without even realizing it. The worst part is that it can be mistaken for hunger. So, drink sufficient amount of water. This will curb unnecessary snacking. Keep a bottle of water ready on your work desk so that you can sip it whenever you feel like. You can also have cups of green tea if you are bored of plain water. Staying well hydrated is of utmost importance.

Be careful with carbs

No, I don’t mean to demonize carbs. You can consume carbs in the form of bread and pasta but it is the timing, quantity and quality that matter. Carbs such as those in veggies, accompanied with protein and fibre should form the main part of your intake as they satiate you. The starchy carbs such as rice and bread can be consumed after you workout as it is at this time when your body makes best use of them.

Stop appearing for parties starving!

It is a very common tendency of people to show up for a party starving 😛 The problem with this is that whatever meets your eye seems to be good. Even if you intend to eat in moderation, you will end up gorging on the unhealthy fried stuff. Just eat normally throughout the day and you will find yourself less indulgent at the party.

Hope these rules for winter weight loss are useful for you!

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