Can Avocado Toast Help You Lose Weight? | This Week in Fitness

We’ve got the secret to help you live longer. Or at least we’ve rounded up some solid research on how to get there. Every other week, the Under Armour Connected Fitness editorial team hand-curates the biggest stories, trends and goings-on around the world to help you live healthier. This time around, we’ve got a bunch of tips for longevity.

We Propose a Toast

Embrace it — millennial food trends aren’t going away. If you’re tired of avocado toasts and smoothie bowls, we present this evidence to (perhaps) sway your opinion: There’s evidence they help with weight loss, according to a new study. Need more convincing? Scientific evidence suggests eating avocados may help you live longer.

How to Live to 100

Want to make it to the century mark? The Daily Meal has published a massive feature on the quest for longevity, all centered around food. There’s lot of good stuff there, but our favorite might be its list of 25 foods that help your centenarian quest. Spoiler alert: Chocolate made the cut.

Healthy Eating, Brought to You by Ikea

OK, make your Swedish meatball jokes and get them out of the way. The home furnishings mega-chain wants to help you eat better. Check out this video, which details its new “Cook This Page” product — sheets of parchment paper with images stenciled on them. All you have to do is add the ingredients, roll it up and bake.


Eyeing More Than You Can Chew

When it comes to portion control, are your own eyes working against you? A study by the British Medical Journal reveals that we misjudge how much food we’re eating by sight — which can result in an extra 300 calories (or more) per day. You’ll be stunned by this series of images that shows a trio of portion sizes of the same meal. And check out our 7 tricks to nail portion control.

Phelps Debunks the 12K Myth

He won 23 Olympic gold medals — that’s a fact. But his fabled 12,000-calorie diet? Overstated, Michael Phelps told Men’s Health. “It’s impossible — you can’t eat that much,” he said. Here is Under Armour’s look at his legendary training regimen.

Keep Your Cool in the Pool

Speaking of the pool, if you’re looking to switch your workout routine — but keep the benefits of your cardio — Experience Life has four simple suggestions on how to make swimming your go-to this summer. Here’s a half-hour pool workout focused on calorie burn.


Give the Gym an Hour

Just 60 minutes per week of resistance training and you’ll give yourself a better chance of avoiding heart disease and diabetes. And that’s just the start of it, according to a new study of some 7,500 participants — you can avoid a whole host of cardiovascular risk factors.

See the Light for Better Sleep

Are we subjecting ourselves to too much artificial light before bedtime? That’s the argument in this WebMD piece, which suggests “blue light” is affecting our sleep, as well as larger health issues.

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Life Hacks for Weight Loss, Better Health & More | This Week in Fitness

Whether it’s a trick to lose weight, a key to better workouts or everyday items to help us feel better, we all need some good life hacks. And there are a lot more out there than we think. That’s where This Week in Fitness comes in. Every other week, the Under Armour Connected Fitness editorial team hand-curates the biggest stories, trends and goings-on around the world so you can strive to be as healthy as possible. Bring on the hidden tricks!

That’s What I Call a Pick-me-up

A cup of joe wakes you up, but you shouldn’t drink it before exercising or competing, right? That’s the old conventional wisdom talking. A new study documented by The New York Times suggests that drinking a cup of coffee an hour before exerting yourself may actually improve performance. On the flip side, here’s how coffee can actually help you nap. Either way, make ours a double!

Scale, We Need a Break

The scale is what tells you you’re losing weight — that’s the most consistent way to track, especially if you’re a MyFitnessPal user. But can going cold turkey with your scale lead to results? This cyclist tried it for a month and wrote about her surprising findings for Bicycling magazine. For more strategies, check out our five signs you may need to reevaluate your relationship with your scale.

How to Fall Asleep at 30,000 Feet

We’ve all been there: trying desperately to catch some shuteye while flying. Well + Good has four holistic hacks to fix this conundrum and none involve alcohol or sleeping pills.


Get Out — Literally

Last time around, we recommended slowing down for better health. Getting outside often might be even better for you. Here’s some scientific proof:  A British study found that adding a bit of nature to your day can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

You Need to Cool Off

No, not because the mercury is increasing. Big-wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton shares six of his favorite health hacks with GQ (including the aforementioned coffee boost). Perhaps our favorite? Taking an ice bath — or at least a cold dip — to reduce inflammation. Says the 53-year-old: “If you had one bio-hack, icing would be the king.”

Unicorn Food 4Eva

We thought cloud eggs had pulled ahead of anything unicorn-related in the latest food trends, but it appears your favorite fantasy horse has grabbed the spotlight back in the form of Unicorn Noodles. It’s less complicated and easier to make than it sounds, and the results are gorgeous, according to this recipe from The Indigo Kitchen.



Admit it, half the reason you love Under Armour is our athletes. A handful of the brand’s biggest made ESPN’s “World Fame 100” list, which combined endorsements, social media following and search popularity for an aggregate score. Check out where Stephen Curry, Jordan Spieth, Tom Brady, Andy Murray and Cam Newton ended up.

He Stops Shots … and Writes for Kids

How about another UA athlete up to cool things you probably didn’t know about? By day, Jeff Attinella is a journeyman goalkeeper for the Portland Timbers. On the side, he’s a budding children’s author. Attinella has written a series of sports books for kids, including yarns about the curse-breaking Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Cavaliers and five-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.

Solidarity in Manchester

A somber, but uplifting note here. Despite the tragic bombing in Manchester, England, last month, the Great Manchester Run went on as scheduled with a half-marathon and 10K. The theme among the participants was continuity and togetherness. A minute of silence kicked off the event and was followed by an Oasis singalong that will give you chills.

Yoga for Muggles

Theme yoga is all the rage these days. So if you’ve tried goat yoga and beer yoga but you’re still in the market for a gimmick, have we got spell-binding news for you: Harry Potter yoga is a thing in Austin, Texas, complete with wands. Cosmopolitan has the proof, in photos.

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This Week in Health & Fitness: The Race Finish Everyone’s Talking About

The world is changing fast, which means you might have missed the big stories that affect your health. That’s why we’re here with “This Week in Health & Fitness.” Every other week, the Under Armour Connected Fitness editorial team hand-curates the biggest stories, trends and goings-on around the world that will help you on your quest to live a healthy life. And that includes putting a smile on your face. Read on …

Putting the Brotherly Love in Philly

It’s the story that has the run community talking. Two pals were a football field’s length from finishing the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon when they noticed a college student struggling big time and unable to stay on her feet. So they picked her up and helped her across the finish line, producing a Hallmark moment that was captured on video and has been viewed more than 22 million times. “It’s just good karma to be nice to people, and you feel better when you’re doing it,” said one of the men. Is it getting misty in here?

Are Your Kidneys at Risk?

We swear we’re not harshing on marathons this week. A new study suggests long-distance runners may be at increased risk of temporary kidney injury after a race. That said, at UACF we believe running a marathon (or even a half) is a life-changing experience. Here’s how to do it right.


Good Vibrations

Is sitting on a vibrating platform like a power plate just as good as regular exercise? A study out of Georgia’s Augusta University seems to think so. And they came to this conclusion using mice. You’ve gotta read this.

The Weight Loss Super Molecule

Talk about learning a lot from tiny creatures. Researchers in Korea experimented with fruit flies and discovered that the little buzzers have a built-in system to prevent them from overeating: Their fat cells sent a molecule to their brains when their energy stores were full. Replicating this for humans may not be far behind. While we wait, we suggest you just focus on portion control.

Is Your Neighborhood Healthy?

We’ve spotlighted loads of data projects in this space recently, from active cities to healthiest states and beyond. But this one takes the cake. The Centers for Disease Control’s “500 Cities” project calculates health across America by neighborhood. Get ready to disappear down a data rabbit hole.

Uber Your Way to Healthy Food

But wait, there’s more data! Ride app Uber compiled a list of the most frequently ordered healthy grub based on orders from its UberEATS service since Jan. 1. The results are fun to read and drive home what we at UACF already know: Everyone loves avocados.

But Does LBJ Enjoy PB&J?

LeBron James, that is. From ESPN the Magazine comes this fantastic take on the food craze that is the so-called “secret” of NBA players. Proof positive that there’s nothing wrong with a little peanut butter and jelly, regardless of your age, profession or, uh, paycheck.

Enlightenment in the Bike Lane

To cycling now. Here’s a heartwarming story of a reverend in Boston who commutes six miles to her job every day and found spiritual enlightenment along the way — enough so to write a book about it. We couldn’t agree more: Check out our fitness editor’s take on falling in love with commuting by bike.


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Around the World in 21 Days

Speaking of good causes, here’s the story of an Englishman who toured five countries in three continents in just three weeks to raise money for charity. And he did it on a three-speed “Boris Bike,” the nickname for the popular Santander Cycles bike-share service based in London.

The Power of Positivity

And finally, the next time someone tells you to cheer up, maybe you should take it to heart. Studies have shown a direct link between a positive attitude and loads of health benefits, from your weight to your blood pressure. So smile! And pass it on.

Photo Credit: CGI RACING/Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon

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This Week in Health & Fitness: Tried the Toilet Paper Workout?

You’re looking for inspiration, and we’re here to provide it with a new edition of “This Week in Health & Fitness.” Every other week, the Under Armour Connected Fitness editorial team hand-curates the biggest stories, trends and goings-on around the world that will help you on your quest to live a healthy lifestyle. Enough with the warm-up, let’s get to work!

Behold, the Toilet Paper Workout

File this under “exercising any time, anywhere, with anything.” A Seattle personal trainer developed a Tabata-based home workout using — you guessed it — rolls of toilet paper, which she posted to her Instagram account. And it’s got upwards of 775,000 views. Admit it, you’re fascinated. Want the full workout? She spells the whole thing out in Shape magazine.

Is Your City Healthy?

Last month, we detailed how one study calculated the most popular American cities for active millennials. But are they the healthiest cities? Here’s another study that took into account 34 different indicators — such number of doctor visits, amount of veggies consumed and fitness clubs per capita — and ranked the 150 healthiest cities in America. Where does your town rank?

Who’s the Fittest? Twitter Knows

Data is objective by nature. How you interpret it is another story — and this one is a blast: This study looked at Twitter activity to figure out which states were burning and eating the most calories. Quick summary: There’s a huge concentration of runners in Colorado … and bacon eaters in South Dakota.

Tweet Your Way to Diet Success

Speaking of Twitter indicators, are you tipping your hand at how dedicated you are to your diet? A team of Georgia Tech researchers believe they can predict your success rate with 77% accuracy based on your tone and word choice when you tweet. Better get moving on your #MondayMotivation.


If This Is a Fad Diet, Count Us Out

One thing we won’t recommend: swallowing a balloon for weight loss. That’s the premise of a new technique that aims to gradually shrink your stomach. One participant tells her story to Time magazine. We will repeat: We do not believe in get-thin-quick solutions. But we do believe in marveling at how people put themselves through almost anything.

The Best Fast Food in America

Need hard proof as to why fast food is often a poor choice? The folks at The Ringer ranked their top 50 fast-food items, and while the research was probably pretty fun, our eyes are bulging at the calorie counts. Two wit: Just one bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys gets you two-thirds of the way to the total MyFitnessPal-recommended daily calorie count. As if you needed us to tell you to eat with caution.

Bookmark These Health Gurus

OK, back to the healthy role models. Check out this exhaustive list of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness by Greatist. Special shoutout to our Under Armour representation: Misty Copeland, Kathryn Budig, Todd Durkin, Tom Brady and, of course, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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Live From San Quentin

There are running crews and then there are running crews. Check out this fascinating look at the 1,000 Mile Club, the official running club of San Quentin State Prison in Northern California. And yes, they even run marathons.

The Kindness of Strangers

We’ve got another feel-good story for you, this one of a man who left a cold water bottle out for a stranger who just happened to run past his house in Virginia nearly every morning for six straight months. “Because of him, I push myself a little harder,” she says.

Age Is Just a Number, Part 4

You love tales of people defying Father Time, and so do we. This time around, it’s a sprint between a 99-year-old and a 92-year-old at the Masters Indoor Track Championships. We think they’re both winners — and we are inspired to get moving immediately.

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