Can Avocado Toast Help You Lose Weight? | This Week in Fitness

We’ve got the secret to help you live longer. Or at least we’ve rounded up some solid research on how to get there. Every other week, the Under Armour Connected Fitness editorial team hand-curates the biggest stories, trends and goings-on around the world to help you live healthier. This time around, we’ve got a bunch of tips for longevity.

We Propose a Toast

Embrace it — millennial food trends aren’t going away. If you’re tired of avocado toasts and smoothie bowls, we present this evidence to (perhaps) sway your opinion: There’s evidence they help with weight loss, according to a new study. Need more convincing? Scientific evidence suggests eating avocados may help you live longer.

How to Live to 100

Want to make it to the century mark? The Daily Meal has published a massive feature on the quest for longevity, all centered around food. There’s lot of good stuff there, but our favorite might be its list of 25 foods that help your centenarian quest. Spoiler alert: Chocolate made the cut.

Healthy Eating, Brought to You by Ikea

OK, make your Swedish meatball jokes and get them out of the way. The home furnishings mega-chain wants to help you eat better. Check out this video, which details its new “Cook This Page” product — sheets of parchment paper with images stenciled on them. All you have to do is add the ingredients, roll it up and bake.


Eyeing More Than You Can Chew

When it comes to portion control, are your own eyes working against you? A study by the British Medical Journal reveals that we misjudge how much food we’re eating by sight — which can result in an extra 300 calories (or more) per day. You’ll be stunned by this series of images that shows a trio of portion sizes of the same meal. And check out our 7 tricks to nail portion control.

Phelps Debunks the 12K Myth

He won 23 Olympic gold medals — that’s a fact. But his fabled 12,000-calorie diet? Overstated, Michael Phelps told Men’s Health. “It’s impossible — you can’t eat that much,” he said. Here is Under Armour’s look at his legendary training regimen.

Keep Your Cool in the Pool

Speaking of the pool, if you’re looking to switch your workout routine — but keep the benefits of your cardio — Experience Life has four simple suggestions on how to make swimming your go-to this summer. Here’s a half-hour pool workout focused on calorie burn.


Give the Gym an Hour

Just 60 minutes per week of resistance training and you’ll give yourself a better chance of avoiding heart disease and diabetes. And that’s just the start of it, according to a new study of some 7,500 participants — you can avoid a whole host of cardiovascular risk factors.

See the Light for Better Sleep

Are we subjecting ourselves to too much artificial light before bedtime? That’s the argument in this WebMD piece, which suggests “blue light” is affecting our sleep, as well as larger health issues.

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This Londoner Might Be the Inspiration You Need to Lose Weight

All of her life, Olly Bey was overweight. “From the get-go,” she explains. “I even came out as a 10-pound baby.”

This is the story of how this London-based education project manager came to lose 110 pounds — through lots of stops and starts — and became something of a social media sensation … as told through her Instagram posts, of course.

“My journey’s been a lot longer than a lot of other people’s,” she says.

Most of Bey’s friends and family came to peg her as a heavy girl. And she bought into it. “I just assumed I was supposed to be fat,” she says. At her heaviest, she hit 259 pounds when she was 25 years old.

#transformationtuesday. – This was trip a to Spain I took with my friends, as usual I was fully clothed with a gurdle underneath in the heat. I honestly used to hate summer. My thighs would swell up from constantly rubbing together and I’d sweat like crazy because I insisted on wearing a gurgle instead of trying to do something about my weight. Let’s leave aesthetics aside for one moment. If your weight is causing you to be uncomfortable, messing with your quality of life and damaging your health then do something. I know how hard and overwhelming it is to start but do what you can before your forced to do something. You don’t have to start big but you have to start otherwise nothing changes. _ #bethechangeyouwant #changyourfatitude #startwhereyouare #youcandoit #youvsyou #itsnotarace #healthfirst #phukasthetics #chooseyoursmile #transformationtueaday #afrogirlfitness #changestartswithyou #positivevibes #exercise #extremeweightloss #over100lbdown #fitspo

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For years, Bey tried counting calories, which worked occasionally — her weight fluctuated. But it wasn’t until three years ago that she started using MyFitnessPal consistently and began viewing food as more than just calories. She asked questions on the MyFitnessPal forums and learned about macros: protein, carbs and fat. She started reading nutritional labels and logging the specific foods she was eating (instead of guessing), and weighing portions on food scales to get an accurate idea of what she was eating.

“I didn’t realize my old eating habits were bad,” she says, recalling eating two breakfasts or drinking two liters of Coke daily. “I just thought it was normal.”


Portion size was the biggest problem: “I was eating cereal for five,” she jokes. She also didn’t want to miss out on enjoying family events, which usually centered on Nigerian food. It was a shock for some of her friends and family to see her go from partying to planning her meals.

So I’ve had a few people ask me how to make healthy Nigerian meals. Firstly YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE UP naija food in order to eat healthy. It’s all about making the right swaps with ingredients and watching portion sizes. . . If you want nutrition advice and examples for healthy Nigerian meals then check out my fitsis @fitmrsfats. Her page is packed with meal ideas, especially Nigerian food. We connected on IG some time ago, she has an amazing spirit and is full of support . . . If you want to chop efo riro and not feel guilty then my girl @fitmrsfats will show you the way without the palm oil #healthyfood #nigerianfood #eattolive #youcanatilleatthefoodyoulove #practicemoderation #portioncontrol #fitchick #nutritioniskey #weightloss #mealplansundays #instafit #foodie

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Sure enough, the weight began to come off. But she still wasn’t happy, she says, because she still wasn’t in shape. That’s when she reached what she calls “phase two of being sick and tired.” Enter her exercise regimen, which didn’t come easily either.

Bey bought a Beach Body DVD, but it sat on the table in her flat for four months until she finally tried it. When she went to the gym, she didn’t know where to start or what to do. It was all men in the weight room, and she had to Google videos of the machines to learn how they worked. After trying basic aerobic exercise for a few months, she found weightlifting a year ago and her routine evolved. “It made me change my focus not on how I look, but on how I feel,” she says.

The desire to lose weight forced me to get active but it has not been what has kept me going. I talk about ‘getting waisted’ etc but my drive for showing up goes way deeper than that. I remind myself that fitness has been the one thing that allowed me to strip back all the background noise in my life and make me wake up. The discipline required made me stop indulging in certain things that were taking me no where. It made me stand still enough to realise I needed to start praying. It has shut down alot of the negative self talk and made me realise anything is possible if your willing to work for it. Getting fit is deeper than aesthetics. The lessons you learn will have a compounding effect on your life. When you start to view it this way, working out no longer becomes a chore. It becomes such apart of your lifestyle that you question why you left it took you so long to make it a priority. #ourbodiesaremadetomove #healthiswealth #healthybillonaire

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Soon she began to share her journey on social media. Her sister encouraged her to set up her Instagram account. And Bey began to develop a new routine: getting up around 5 a.m. every morning to head to the gym and post: a selfie in the weight room, a motivational quote, pictures of her workout or a video of her talking through some of the challenges.

Very quickly, people began flocking to her for inspiration. It’s only been a year, but Bey now has more than 9,000 followers — though she doesn’t call them followers; she calls them “slayers.”

“When I don’t post, people message me,” she says. “Actually, my story’s not my story if I can’t help people.”

She also started a blog with a name to match her Instagram handle — Changing My Fatitude — and began offering a two-week package to help people get started, dispensing some of the basic advice she needed to get her on her way: home workouts, how to use reminders on MyFitnessPal, tips on logging food and meal planning, recipes and even a beginner’s shopping guide.

Bey says she gets emotional notes and comments from people who are struggling with their own journeys: exercise, food, even self-esteem issues, like not wanting to be in photos with their kids. She theorizes that many of her followers — women also trying to lose weight — respond to her struggles and want to share their own.

Bey also grew up in a Muslim household, but had never practiced. As she got more discipline in her life and moved away from her old partying lifestyle, she says, “I realized I was missing something.” It’s still a process, she says, but she’s building her relationship with her spirituality. A number of her followers are also young Muslim women who want tips on how to incorporate their practice with healthy eating and exercise, or have logistical questions about how to train during Ramadan.

As Ramadan approaches, I’ve had many questions from Sisters regarding exercise and nutrition during the Holy month. I’ll do my best share advice from my own experience and also point you in the direction of some other sisters who will have various tips and advice for you. Firstly Ramadan is about worship and improving ones spiritual self, we should not lose ourselves in our fitness goals and miss out on benefits of this period. Equally it does not mean that we have to over indulge in food or completely step back from physical activity. Lets talk exercise in this post, many of you have asked if you can still workout whilst fasting. Yes, you can HOWEVER you will need to make adjustments to your usual intensity and the timing of your training. Everyone is completely different, for example I prefer to train 1 hour or so before Iftar because that works for me however I know some people prefer to train just after Iftar or before Suhoor. There is no perfect time to exercise during Ramadan; Instead – listen to your body and whenever it is ready for a workout you should go for it and perform a moderate workout. Regardless of the time you train, you will need to drop the intensity (number of days and lengh of session). I drop the number of days I train to 4 days and I don’t do more than 40 to 45 minutes, the aim is to get in and get out. For example if you train just before Iftar then heavy weights or a HIIT session is not ideal because by that time you will be heavily dehydrated and tired. Opt for light weights, more reps and low intensity cardio. If you plan to train after Taraweeh prayers or before Suhoor then you may be able to train at your usual intensity because you would have eaten and have the added benefit of being able to drink water at that point. You don’t need to completely drop your fitness goals but you need to be flexible and focus on maintaining instead. You will find multi articles and advice suggesting A is the best way to train during Ramadan or B is the best way to train during Ramadan. Personally the key is to listen to your own body, because everybody responds differently. Stay tuned…

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Despite her newfound notoriety, Bey doesn’t necessarily want to be a personal trainer or a nutrition coach. She thinks her value is in connecting with people who are going through challenges similar to what she’s experienced.

“I see myself as an ‘agony aunt,’” she says, using a British term for advice columnists. Her next plan is to do more Q&A videos, where she answers follower-submitted questions and asks other followers for their input.

“In my ideal world, I would love to be Oprah,” she laughs. Right now, it takes a lot of time just to answer people’s questions and to stick to her own training and food plans.

She still struggles to keep up, she says, especially in social settings, but that’s part of the journey. And it’s one of the messages she wants to pass on to others: It’s OK to make mistakes. That’s part of the journey, too.

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Yoga and Fasting Diet for Weight Loss

yoga and diet for weight loss

Yoga and Diet for Weight Loss

Today June 21st is being celebrated as International Yoga Day and early morning Fb and internet was full of Yoga posts. Most of the school and college kids had compulsory Yoga sessions in their institutions. Yoga is not something to be celebrated on any one day in a year, yes it can be a beginning of a daily affair.

Yoga along with a healthy diet can make anyone lose extra weight in a healthy way. Here is a daily schedule which can help all of us who are struggling for weight loss. Along with every one else we at IWB also are celebrating International Yoga Day.

If you are a working woman you can follow this… 

Yoga and Diet for weight loss

Early Morning

Hot water diet for weight loss

As you wake up, drink two glasses of luke warm water, this will help regulate your motions too and help detox.

See morning yoga regimen here….

Sit in an open area and do breathing exercises for 20 minutes. Pranayam, Anulom Vilom all of these exercises help in normalizing blood pressure, thyroid, migraine and many other health issues.

pranayama boosting energy

After breathing exercises a few sets of stretching can be done which help in keeping you flexible and help with early morning join stiffness in arthritis. After which you can have a cup of green tea with few almonds.

Simple Stretching Exercises At Work


Begin your breakfast with a glass of warm Jeera (cumin) water. After ten minutes have and a bowl of fruits. Quantity should not be more than 250 gms.

Ten minutes after fruits, have a cup of green tea with lemon.. (honey too can be added)

fruit bowl snack

Mid Morning

Do some deep breathing to help with stress issues. Deep breathing helps in calming emotions too.


After 5 minutes of deep breathing have a glass of buttermilk with or without sendha namak (Himalayan Pink Salt) You can add roasted jeera also.

Lassi for healthy gut


Start with a glass of water.

Have a bowl of salad with lots of cucumbers, tomato, onion, carrots and lemon juice.

After that one bowl of boiled whole grain dal with one spoon desi ghee added.

ghee does not nake you fat

Finish off with a glass of warm saunf water and sit in this position….

yoga for pms Thunderbolt or Vajrasana

If you can manage, you must have an afternoon nap. It helps relax the brain and refresh the body.

Evening Tea

A cup of tea without sugar or a cup of lemon tea with honey would be great options.

Have a handful of roasted chana with tea.

or if you don’t take tea then have a fruit slush.

watermelon smoothie no junk challenge

A fifteen to twenty minutes yoga session or a forty minute walk is must. Start with deep breathing and then move on to spot walking. You can spot jog also if you feel fit for that. End with a few stretches which will help lengthen your muscles and bones.

Person doing calf stretch exercise standing.Dinner

Dinner should be light soup

lauki palak soup for weight loss 5

and salad.  Find salad recipes here...


After dinner walk is must… always go for fifteen to twenty minutes walk.

End your day with a small cup of warm haldi (turmeric) milk. Do not add any sugar.

Turmeric latte

The best way to end your day is with the help of Shavasana… (my favourite asan)

Shavasana yoga for thyroid

The final word

This regimen must be made into a lifestyle for best results. Those who are light eaters can follow this diet daily while those who cannot stay without grains, must do this strictly every alternate day.

Hope you will follow instructions in this post on Yoga and Diet For Weight Loss.

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5 Reasons Why Water is Good for Weight Loss

Water is an essential nutrient that makes your body run smoothly and efficiently. Because the average adult’s body is about 65% water, it’s no wonder that we can only survive for about three to five days without it! Water transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, carries away waste products and lubricates our digestive tracts, joints and cartilage. The Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Sciences suggests an adequate total fluid intake of about 13 cups per day for men and about 10 cups per day for women. (Keep in mind that you may need more or less, depending on activity level, body size and environment.)

As the foundation for all body functions, this zero-calorie drink is a liquid asset, especially for weight loss. Here are 5 reasons why you should make water your weight-loss pal:


The body’s “thirst center” in the brain, the hypothalamus, also regulates appetite. When you’re dehydrated, your body can perceive mixed signals on hunger, causing you to believe that you need to eat when you’re actually just thirsty. One study found that drinking two 8-ounce glasses of water before meals helped subjects lose more weight. Hungry? Drink some water first. Staying hydrated can help you ward off fake hunger signals.


In addition to being naturally calorie-free, sugar-free and caffeine-free, water helps transport oxygen to the brain to ensure it functions at optimum levels. Even mild dehydration can impact your cognitive performance, tamper with your mood and make you feel fatigued. These effects can lead to mindless stress eating, poor food choices and, ultimately, breaking the calorie bank. Next time you’re feeling spaced out, try drinking some cold water to zap the sluggishness out of you.



In addition to boosting your metabolism, water helps prevent muscle cramping, so you can work out harder and longer. Take note that your water needs increase after working out. During long endurance workouts, drink water with carbohydrates and electrolytes to help maintain fluid balance and prevent post-exercise exhaustion.


From start to finish, water keeps your digestive system running smoothly. The saliva in your mouth contains water and digestive enzymes to break down your food. In your stomach, water balances the acidic environment to prevent ulcers, indigestion and heartburn. If you’re following a high-fiber diet, be extra diligent in drinking water, as fiber depends on it. Soluble fiber absorbs water to become a gel like mass that slows down the rate at which food leaves the stomach, and insoluble fiber traps and retains water to add bulk and moisture to your stool, which prevents constipation.


Liquid calories like juices and sodas don’t fill you up, and their high sugar content can cause insulin spikes that can set you up for a crash. According to this systematic review, drinking water in place of sugar-sweetened beverages resulted in less weight gain over a four-year period. If you want more pizzazz than plain water, try sparkling water, or give it a flavor makeover with berries, cucumbers, mint or grapefruit.

Make water a part of your weight-loss journey by getting enough of this essential nutrient in your daily diet. Try these 20 great life hacks to help you reach your goal, and don’t forget to log your water on the MyFitnessPal app — we make it easy to track your intake. Drink up and stay hydrated!

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