Kareena Kapoor’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Diet

Kareena Kapoor’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Diet – Totally Desi!

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Working during pregnancy and resuming work just forty five days after delivery, Kareena Kapoor has indeed broken many stereotypes. Now, if you come to know about her post pregnancy diet, you will be totally amazed. Keep reading to know about Kareena Kapoor’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Diet.

You would have least expected her to eat food containing ghee, gud (jaggery) and chawal. It is unusually desi and has astonished almost everyone! However Kareena says that it is a diet routine that slowly helping her lose the 18 kilos she piled on during her pregnancy.

Kareena Kapoor post pregnancy weight loss diet, Kareena Kapoor's Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Along with her dietician, the much celebrated Rujuta Diwekar, she revealed her post baby weight loss plans. Kareena gave tips to mums on how to have a glowing skin after delivery.

Kareena did not bother about her weight till her delivery. She was quite comfortable and was not bothered about people’s opinion even after she piled on 18 kilos. It was something she flaunted till she reached the hospital. Trying to shed all the post pregnancy weight with lots of love and patience, Kareena says that the most important thing is that she enjoyed her pregnancy and ate well all the while.

All she wants to do now is spend time with her bundle of joy! Both Saif and Kareena want to be with their son, Taimur.

Kareena reveals that she is a lot more happy, energetic and satisfied today. Also, what needs to be noted is that she was not obsessing over her body weight and she is confident that she will come back to her normal weight with time.

Kareena Kapoor’s Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Diet

Regarding her weight loss, she is clear that she is not going to obsess over what she cannot eat. A pattern needs to be followed and she is working on weight loss now.

Kareena Kapoor post pregnancy weight loss diet _Rujuta, Kareena Kapoor's Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Weight loss always takes time and cannot be done overnight. According to Kareena, it may take six months. I need people to understand me and accept me during every phase. The idea is not just about losing weight but to feel happy and energetic. I am not rushing to it as in the past 9 months things have changed inside.

Currently Kareena is eating rice in the night as well as the day. She is preparing the body for weight loss and this is making her look better and feel great. She says that she wanted to back to her Tashan diet but Rujuta has asked her not to rush up. So, she is eating rice twice daily. Things that are a part of her everyday diet include khichdi and bajra rotigud (jaggery), a spoon of ghee and one glass of milk. She has been eating this after pregnancy.

Most people think that rice is fattening and so they run away from it. However, Rujuta explained that Kareena is on a rice and desi diet that will help her become stronger. Rice also helps in bringing back good bacteria. Something as strenuous as a delivery helps wash out the good bacteria and so you need to bring them back into the gut. This would help lose weight. People follow crash diets after pregnancy which can lead to lifestyle disorders and thyroid problems. It slows the body down and can make the body deprived of nutrition.

Kareena’s diet includes iron rich foods like jaggery (gud), coconut ladoo, til ki chikki (sesame chikki), khichdi and bajra roti along with a spoon of ghee and a glass of milk each night. These foods are giving her a glowing skin and helping her in getting back her strength.

Kareena also does a 30 to 40 min treadmill walking workout every day.

Rujuta says that pulses are also an integral part of Kareena’s post pregnancy diet. The chief reason to add pulses is not just for the amino acid but for the fibre and minerals. Many women feel bloated and the reason behind that is the deficiency of dals in the diet.

3 things to note from Kareena’s post pregnancy diet

  • Exercise – walking is the best exercise post pregnancy and clubbing it with simple Yoga asanas can be helpful.
  • Go desi – Instead of trying out western diets, Indian mums should turn to desi super foods in their diet. That is ghee, jaggery, dal, bajra, lentils and rice.
  • Give your body time – Let the body heal; don’t rush into shedding all the weight. If you rush, you will end up with more disorders

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Can You Lose Weight by Using Probiotics?

Probiotics seemed to be everywhere in 2016, increasing in popularity to a point where even Google named them as one of the hottest food trends of the year by search volume. We’ve covered the health benefits here before as well: everything from questioning whether they’re for you to identifying the best sources — even in a purely liquid format.

By now you probably know a bit about the health benefits associated with probiotics when it comes to improved digestion and gut health. So now let’s take that a bit further: Can they help you lose weight?

The answer is complicated, but it’s fascinating and shows how much more we still have to learn about probiotics.

First, a quick refresher. Probiotics are live, good-for-you bacteria. The prefix “pro” means supporting or promoting, while the root word “biotic” means life. So probiotic literally means something that supports life. And this part is for you science nerds: Here is where the microorganisms come in.

The “microbiome” is the microbial community found throughout your body — a collection of tiny living things about 100 trillion cells strong. A large majority of these microbes are found in your gastrointestinal tract and have been shown to have some powerful effects on general health. Extensive research has shown that your gut’s microbiome is key in training your immune system, aiding in digestion and providing key nutrients for your body.

But what’s really exciting is emerging research that has revealed how the microbiome can be modified by what we eat or drink, which can lead to impactful health effects. And that’s where probiotics play a role: They help promote the health and activity of your microbiome and come in a variety of different foods and beverages.

The health benefits associated with probiotic intake are pretty impressive and include reducing markers of inflammation and allergy, constipation and lactose intolerance. Beyond these gut-specific effects, new research suggests that probiotics may play a role in weight. In a recent study, researchers investigated the impact of consuming probiotics had on body weight and body-mass index in nearly 2,000 healthy adults.

The findings suggested that taking probiotics resulted in BMI and body weight reduction of about 1.3 pounds (0.6 kg) per individual. Additionally, the data demonstrated that these effects were enhanced if participants took multiple types of probiotics, if the probiotics were taken for more than eight weeks or if the participants were overweight.

If you’re thinking, “1.3 pounds is barely anything,” that’s understandable — most of us want to lose more than the equivalent of a six-week-old kitten. But even small shifts can have a large effects on your overall health. Additionally, it’s also important to underscore that these findings also demonstrate that time might play a role in the ability of the probiotic to have an effect. So if you’re trying out a new probiotic, use it for at least two months before assessing if it’s had a difference, especially on your weight.

There’s some compelling evidence for the role of probiotics on weight loss, but it’s also important to note this field is very much still in its infancy. It’s an extremely hot topic in the science community, and we’re just at the tip of the iceberg in understanding the role of microorganisms on our overall health, let alone fully understanding the impact of probiotics on the microbiome.

The fact still stands that there are compelling reasons to add some probiotics into your diet, especially in the forms of probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha.

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IWB Weight Loss Program Transformation Story – Meetu Singh

Meetu before after, Weight Loss Program Transformation

IWB Weight Loss Program Transformation Story –  Meet Meetu Singh

It really feels great to be back writing for my blog and it is always a super feeling when you are writing about someone’s weight loss success story.

As you all know in the month of September we launched a weight loss support group on Facebook Indian Weight Loss Coach.

IWLC, Weight Loss Program Transformation

This group was an effort to help all those people who wanted to lose weight but needed someone to be accountable to. Within no time there were some serious people joining in and some of them wanted to go for a professional weight loss program which we were already running. In the past three years we have helped so many clients in losing weight, some clients give up the effort in between while some are so consistent that the end result gives us satisfaction and joy.

Today I am introducing Ms Meetu Singh who achieved her target of losing 10 kg weight in two months. Please follow Meetu Singh’s weight loss program transformation story…

It was in September when we started IWLC group on Facebook that I received Meetu’s message that she wanted to lose weight but there were certain health issues due to which she wasn’t able to do so. I had always known Meetu to be someone who was very particular about her evening walks and was surprised to know that she was still struggling with her weight issues.

meetu before, Weight Loss Program Transformation

Here was this woman 42 years old, 74.5 Kg, 5’1.5” suffering from Hypothyroid and High Blood Pressure. She was on medication for both the health issues. Despite being a healthy eater she was not able to lose weight. In her own words,“Though I always kept a watch on my weight yet, somehow with hypothyroid, it sneaked in. 8 years ago, I had lost some weight, which came back and refused to budge.  Then I was introduced to this weight loss support group on Facebook, ‘IWLC’, and I started following diet plans as well as workout ideas suggested there by the admins. I started eating better and had fun cooking better. I lost a few kilos just by following the group. From 74.5kg I reached 71.8 kg when I decided to go for a customized weight loss program.”

meetu before1, Weight Loss Program Transformation

Meetu joined a Two Month long IWB Weight loss program in October 2016. At that point, she was 71.8 kg. She knew that with her being on thyroid medication it would difficult to achieve a lot of weight quickly. She was with us for two months during her consistent and inspiring weight loss journey.

Meetu after1, Weight Loss Program Transformation

In her words,”I lost weight consistently with the help of my mentor, who helped me with workouts and diet feedback. I was provided customized plans with multiple options for each meal, need based Detox plans, instant guidance through WhatsApp. I was helped to make healthy food choices whenever I had to attend or organize a party, which incidentally is a part of my daily life.”

Meetu after, Weight Loss Program Transformation

Meetu started her weight loss journey with IWLC/IWB when she was 74.4 kg and by the end of the program she was 64.2 kg.

Meetu 64.2, Weight Loss Program Transformation

Meetu Singh we, IWB/IWLC Team congratulate you for your successful weight loss journey. Hope you stay focused and maintain good level of health and fitness.

IWB has been running the most successful weight loss program for the last three years and now we are more client friendly as we are super easy to communicate through WhatsApp. The clients can now contact us on calls and share their concerns and clarify doubts.

We had never revised our program fees but now now we feel it’s high time to bring in a few changes in the fee structure. The regular IWB Weight Loss Program cost now is as follows…

  • One Month Program – 5000/-
  • Two Months Program- 7,500/-
  • Three Months Program- 12,000/-

We often keep offering discounts like the one we have now…

  • One Month Program – 4500/-
  • Three Months Program- 9500/-

Isn’t it a great deal? This offer is open till 28 February 2017.

So don’t miss this opportunity, it’s your last chance to enjoy the benefits of health and fitness at your doorstep and that too at such a wonderful discounted price.

We will be back with more weight loss program transformation stories!

How did you find this Weight Loss Program Transformation Story? Join Our Weight Loss Program!

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Ask a Trainer on Losing Weight [Video]

Why am I not losing weight? Are free weights or machines better? How do I stay healthy while traveling? What in the heck is a macro?

We asked you to share the questions you always wanted to ask a personal trainer, nutritionist or running coach, and after more than 1,000 comments on Facebook, we realized something we’ve always known deep down: Fitness is still a great mystery. We know we’re in an era where you can “just Google it,” but sometimes you want to hear from an expert, a friend, a person.

Throughout 2017, our network of trainers and nutritionists will answer your questions in this video series called “Ask a Trainer.” We’ll cover diet, exercise, wellness, fitness myths, jiggly machines, red wine and more, all in the hope of providing you with the even more of the tools you need to meet — and exceed — your own goals.

This is not — we repeat — not a high school health lecture or a doctor’s appointment. This is running into your trainer at a bar, having a glass of wine and asking him/her that endless stream of questions you never have the time (or maybe courage) to ask at the gym. We’re here with you on this journey — and our trainers are, too.

In the first installment, our trainers addressed your questions on losing weight — a topic so commonly mentioned, we had to make two videos about it. You can catch part two in the coming weeks.

For every question, we’ve got someone who can answer it, so share your questions in the comments below to inspire our next check-in with our trainers.

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